National Heatstroke Prevention Day

Every year on average, 38 children die in hot cars in the US. We must provide safety messages to the public to help prevent these unthinkable injuries and deaths.  Please use the following materials to raise awareness about these preventable tragedies.  
Social Media Posts and Memes

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  • A simple occupant detection system in cars could prevent hot car deaths. #heatstrokekills #lookbeforeyoulock
  • Last year was the deadliest year in history for child hot car deaths. #heatstrokekills #lookbeforeyoulock
  • Cars can remind us of children in the back seat and save precious little lives. #heatstrokekills #lookbeforeyoulock
  • Today is National Heatstroke Prevention Day – never leave a child or animal alone in a car!  #heatstrokekills #lookbeforeyoulock
  • See a child or animal alone in a car? Get involved! Call 911 immediately. #heatstrokekills #lookbeforeyoulock
  • Children have died in cars on days where it was in the 50s! #heatstrokekills #lookbeforeyoulock
  • The difference between life or death can be minutes in a hot car. #heatstrokekills #lookbeforeyoulock
  • Protecting children is everyone’s business. Get involved. Call 911. Save a life. #heatstrokekills
  •  Be prepared to save a baby in a hot car with a resqme tool… get it today at /resqme-tool/  #heatstrokekills #lookbeforeyoulock
  • Cars are ovens. Cars reach deadly temps in minutes. #heatstrokekills
  • Always check the back seat for baby! #lookbeforeyoulock #heatstrokekills
  • Ask childcare to call you if your baby doesn’t show up as planned! #heatstrokekills #lookbeforeyoulock
  • Always keep cars locked & keys out of reach of children. If a child is missing – check in all cars! #heatstrokekills #lookbeforeyoulock
  • A car is not a babysitter. NEVER leave a child or animal alone inside a vehicle, not even for a minute! #lookbeforeyoulock #heatstrokekills
Information Cards

‘Look Before You Lock’

English [PDF]

Spanish [PDF]


Heat Stroke Infographic


Charts, Statistics and Maps

Heatstroke deaths by state

English [PDF]


Heatstroke deaths by calendar year

English [PDF]

Spanish [PDF]

Heatstroke vs airbag deaths

English [PDF]

Spanish [PDF]

Need for technology to save lives

English [PDF]

Information Sheets

Fact Sheet

Heat Stroke Fact Sheet

English [PDF] 

Spanish [PDF]

Mandarin Chinese [PDF]

Arabic [PDF]

Safety Tips

Heat Stroke Safety Tips

English [PDF]

Spanish [PDF]

Mandarin Chinese [PDF]

Arabic [PDF]
Public Service Announcements offers several Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to air on TV or online. Please contact to receive broadcast quality versions of our PSAs.


Resqme™ Tool to save lives

Resqme Tool

More Information / Purchase

Radio Scripts

Look Before You Lock Radio Scripts

English [PDF]


Look Before You Lock Billboard


State Laws

State Laws Specific to Children Left Unattended in Vehicles


Good Samaritan Laws Specific to Rescuing Children in Cars

Federal Laws
Fatal Distraction – MUST READ 

Fatal Distraction urges everyone to read “Fatal Distraction,” Gene Weingarten’s Pulitzer Prize-winning feature article published in The Washington Post Magazine. Learn how these heartbreaking and preventable tragedies can happen to anyone.

Read article


Recent Press Releases:  

21 U.S. Children Have Died in Hot Cars in 2018 – 7/3/2018

First Day of Summer, Already 16 Child Hot Car Deaths in U.S. – 6/21/2018

Child Hot Car Deaths and the Russian Adoption Ban – New Documentary Explains this Unlikely Connection– 5/31/18

Joint Statement of Janette Fennell, President and Founder of, and Cathy Chase, President of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety On New Study Showing the Dangers of Hot Cars – 5/23/18 Urges Governor Coyler to Sign Hot Cars Bill – 4/2/18

First Child Dies in Hot Car – 3/1/18

Media Advisory: HOT CARS Act of 2017 – S.1666 MEDIA CONFERENCE CALL – 7/31/2017

Parents and safety advocates urge action by U.S. DOT to prevent hot car tragedies – 7/28/2017

HOT CARS Act of 2017 Introduced Today Will Prevent Child Heatstroke Deaths by Getting Much-Needed Technology into Vehicles – 7/7/2017

Child Vehicular Heatstroke Awareness and Prevention April 26 – 4/24/2017 applauds GM’s new technology as an important step in avoiding child heatstroke deaths – 6/11/2016

BREAKING NEWS Another baby died today on Heat Stroke Awareness Day; 11th tragedy this year  – 6/8/2016

Infant Dies 2 Days Before National Child Vehicular Heatstroke Prevention Day, June 8 6/8/16

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