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Kids and Car Safety’s Nontraffic Data Collection, Research and Analysis

Kids and Car Safety’s (formerly unique data collection, research, and analysis have identified emerging trends in how children and pets are being injured or killed in nontraffic vehicle-related incidents. This early detection system has enabled Kids and Car Safety (KACS) to measure the significance of risks that have been historically unrecognized and successfully implement campaigns and Federal regulations to reduce and even eliminate those risks.

KACS data is derived from a compilation of sources including media reports, individual accounts from victims and their families, medical examiner reports, police reports, child death review teams, coroner reports, medical professionals, lawyers and published studies.  KACS uses numerous sources of data due to the lack of a state data reporting system for nontraffic events.  Between 50-75 data elements are used to capture circumstance information for each case.  This robust database has provided statistics and information to affect several changes in the design of vehicles to make them safer. LEARN MORE 

Map Instructions:

1. Select a Type of Fatality or All Types.
2. Select the Year or All Years.
3. Hover over a state to see the total number of children involved.
4. Click on a state to view a list of incidents for that state.

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Kids and Cars Safety is devoted to eliminating vehicle-related risks to children and pets through data collection, research and analysis, public education and awareness programs, policy change, product redesign and supporting families to channel their grief into positive change.

Donate to Save a Child's Life
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