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  • Lyman, Serenity
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Serenity Lee Lyman

June 29, 2010 – September 20, 2010

In loving memory

Serenity Lee Lyman brought joy to everyone’s life that she touched she was a very intelligent baby. At birth she could hold her head up completely by herself. She slept straight through the night. It was just amazing. She has the biggest pair of dark blue eyes that I have ever seen before and she showed them off every chance that she got, which is why we gave her the nickname BUGZY? It was on the 20th of September that god took her home; after I was dropped off at work her dad had her, which was a very rare thing indeed because he slept during the day after working graveyards. I would always have a babysitter set up for the week but this particular day my babysitter canceled at the last minute, so I had to leave Serenity with her dad while I was at work for the day. It was when her dad got home that he went inside and accidentally left her in the car. He was not used to having her and it was after he woke up that he realized that he was responsible for her that day. He rushed out to the car to find her unresponsive and called 911 instantly.

To this day we miss our Lil Serenity and are waiting for the day to be reunited with her.

– Sasha Berry (Serenity’s mother)”

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