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Support for Grieving Families

After tragedy strikes, how do you go on? A small number of survivors channel the force of their grief into preventive action – so that no one else has to go through “this” again. Among the most persistent and effective advocates are parents and relatives who have lived through the death or disabling injury of a young child.

Kids and Car Safety works closely with many strong, devoted individuals whose child has been injured or killed due to a nontraffic incident by helping them channel their grief into change in honor of their loved one. Survivor advocacy is one of the most powerful tools for change.

Kids and Car Safety would like to help connect you with another family whose child may have been injured or killed in a similar tragedy. Many times people feel like they are the only ones this has ever happened to, but unfortunately, these tragedies occur more frequently than anyone realizes. For more information contact us at or (913) 732-2792

Kids and Car Safety sends our most sincere and heartfelt sympathies to those who have experienced the loss of a child they love. There simply are no words. 

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