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SaraCorinne’s Story

This is our SaraCorinne on her 2nd Birthday. She is a miracle. She suffered Hypethermia in August 16, 2008 when she was 9-months-old. She is still recovering.

My daughter Sara Corinne (9mo) was rushed to the hospital with a core temperature of 107 degrees. She was taken to the local children’s Hospital by helicopter. We immediately began to call all our friends, family & pastors to pray. When we made it to the OCH (about an hour from our home) the doctors informed us that she was very sick and only time will tell what kind of damage her body sustained.

The next few days her kidneys were failing. But we continued to trust and believe that the Lord had SaraCorinne in his hands. We were in a meeting with the doctors where they gave little to no hope of her survival. But you see, it was during our distress and calling 911 that the word of the Lord rose up inside me saying, “No – she will not die and she WILL be fine.”

Since then anything we heard or saw with our natural eyes had no power over us or our circumstance. We knew no matter what happened our little girl would live through this. Within a week her kidneys kicked in – she was off the breathing machine – she was out of the ICU. In three weeks, she was sent home.

We will always appreciate all of’s support in one of the darkest times in our life.

– Marson Family

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