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  • 5 key car safety features to protect your most precious cargo

    Even if you pride yourself on your cautious driving habits, accidents can still occur unexpectedly on the road, putting both you and your child’s safety at risk. It’s a truth I’ve witnessed time and time again throughout my career, and it’s why I’m such a strong advocate for crash avoidance technology.

  • The Communist plot to take away our big vehicles

    I'm not singularly focused on vehicle size, but it's a growing issue among people who already drive badly. The #1 problem with traffic safety is driver behavior. That’s true regardless of the vehicle, and it’s why my primary focus is designing street networks to calm drivers. Slower speeds means fewer crashes. And when crashes do occur, they’re typically much less severe. 

  • Another study relates taller vehicle front ends to more pedestrian deaths

    Pedestrian deaths hit a modern low in 2009. One of the side effects of the rampaging popularity of ever-larger vehicles since then: Studies examining the correlation between pedestrian deaths and ever-larger vehicles.

  • Thompson, Bracy Davis file bills to prevent tots dying in hot cars

    Kids + cars + heat can be a lethal combination, particularly in Florida, which logged a summer of record triple digit temperatures.

    This year, Florida also led the nation in children’s car-related heatstroke deaths, according to Janette E. Fennell, founder and president of the advocacy organization Kids and Car Safety. “It was a bad year for Florida,” she said by phone.

  • Article: Laura Beck Bundle of Joy Chat

    Laura Beck's Bundle of Joy magazine article

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