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2023 Hot Car Deaths

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Child Sex
Child Age
269/12/23York CountyVAF11 mosKnowingly LeftMore info
259/5/23JacksonvilleFLF2 yrsUNKMore info
248/29/23JacksonvilleNCUNK14 mosUNKMore info
238/25/23Daniel IslandSCF1 yrUnknowingly leftMore info
228/23/23YanktonSDF1 yrLeftMore info
218/21/23OmahaNEF1 yrLeft by childcareMore info
208/16/23WillistonOHF4 moKnowingly leftMore info
198/8/23HoustonTXM3 mosLeftMore info
188/3/23CollinsvilleILM3 yrsUnknowingly leftMore info
177/31/23SmithtownNYUNK14 mosUnknowingly leftMore info
167/23/23ChattanoogaTNF11 mosUNKMore info
157/19/23MacclennyFLF10 mosUnknowingly leftMore info
147/14/23RichmondTXM6 yrsGot in on ownMore info
137/9/23RathdrumIDM2 yrsGot in on ownMore info
127/4/23LakelandFLF18 mosMiscommunicationMore info
116/14/23HernandoMSF22 mosUNKMore info
106/8/23Orange CityFLF2 yrsUnknowingly leftMore info
95/28/23Palm BayFLF11 mosUnknowingly leftMore info
85/26/23HoustonTXM4 yrsGot in on ownMore info
75/25/23PuyallupWAUNK1 yrUnknowingly leftMore info
65/16/23ProsperityFLF2 yrsKnowingly leftMore info
55/9/23SuffolkVAM5 mosKnowingly leftMore info
45/9/23Spring ValleyNYF1 yrUnknowingly leftMore info
33/23/23MidlandTXF2 yrsGot in on ownMore info
23/6/23Port St. LucieFLM2 yrsUnknowingly leftMore info
12/27/23AtmoreALUNK2 yrsUnknowingly leftMore info
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