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Robert Duncan MacDonald

November 17, 1995 – August 29, 1998

Robbie’s Story

Robert “Robbie” Duncan MacDonald came into this world on November 17, 1995. My son, Scott’s first baby!! I was overjoyed! I made the 850-mile drive to greet my new grandson in record time, and arrived when he was just 6 hours old. How precious he was.

As he grew, he had such a personality, reminded me so much of his daddy. The one particular thing I remember about Robbie, was him dancing along with the music whenever he would watch CMTV. He’s going to be a star I would kid with Scott. He was a very happy baby, loved playing cards and long rides in the car. The three of them came to visit me in VA when Robbie was about 4 months old, and I got my first taste of baby-sitting for our little angel. The only thing I regretted was the geographical distance between us. Being a long distance grammie was really disappointing, so I just enjoyed every second I could spend with him.

Robbie died on August 29, 1998. I got the phone call at 4:17 on a Saturday afternoon, just as I was leaving for work. They told me Robbie was with his mother at a friend’s house when he started to get fussy. So, Robbie’s mother put him in the car and started it up so that he might be lulled to sleep. She went inside to say goodbye to some friends, and apparently lost track of the time. By the time she went out to the car, Robbie had already died. Police say that the heater in the car malfunctioned and brought the temperature inside the car up to 200 degrees. The autopsy report said Robbie died within 15 minutes. I had to call my son, and relay this information to him; it was the hardest call I’ve ever made in my life.

Robbie’s mother was charged with Criminal Manslaughter, but found not guilty, because of the malfunction of the heater. She was also charged with endangering the welfare of a child, and found guilty. She was sentenced to complete 200 hours of community service. I cannot imagine the pain she must feel. I have no bad thoughts of her, I know she meant no harm to our little boy at all, she simply made a very, very deadly mistake.

Robbie was loved dearly by all his family, local and long-distance, and and will be always remembered for the dancing, laughing and loving personality.

We love and miss you, Baby Boy,

Daddy and Grammie

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