Every year, thousands of children are hurt or killed because a driver moving forward very slowly didn’t see them. These incidents for the most part take place in residential driveways or parking lots and are referred to as ‘frontovers’ (the opposite of a backover).

Child Stories

Stories about kids and cars have a tendency to end badly. The children at the links below either lost, or nearly lost their lives because they could not be seen by the driver in the blindzone in front of a vehicle that was moving forward very slowly.

Near Misses
2013 HalloweenAbiyr White, before and after the incident with his mother Joya Shelton.
Fact Sheet urges all drivers to heighten their awareness before moving a vehicle; especially when children are present. Children are impulsive and unpredictable; still have very poor judgment, and little understanding of danger. They do not recognize boundaries such as property lines, sidewalks, driveways or parking spaces. Toddlers have just ‘gotten their legs’ at 12-23 months, but the concept of safety is absent. Frontovers are often the predictable consequence of a child following a parent into the driveway without their knowledge.

Fact Sheet for Frontovers

Safety Tips

Learn simple tips on how to keep children safe in and around vehicles.

Frontover Safety Tips

Chart, Statistics, Graphics

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US Child Fatalities by Type Visibility Chart Non- Fatal Child Incidents by Type Frontover Fatalities On the Rise Blindzone Chart us-child-nontraffic-fatalities US Child Frontover Fatalities
Frontover Studies

Below are studies specific to frontover injuries and deaths.  There have been several studies published that address frontovers but there is still much to be learned.