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Briley Kaye

Our sweet and sassy Briley Kaye always had her own way of doing things and this became apparent the day we meet her for the first time. She decided to come a week earlier than her scheduled C-section. On November 22, 2014 her daddy and I were blessed with our second wonderful gift from God. From that moment on she had always kept us on our toes, until the tragic accident that took her to heaven on December 26, 2016.

Christmas day 2016 we (my husband Dustin, our now 7-year-old Wyatt and I) were at my parents’ house celebrating. Family had come and gone, presents had been opened and food had been eaten. The kids had a fun filled day. My husband had to leave to go to work for the evening shift at the fire station. It was an early night as everyone was tired from all the festivities. The next morning was a lazy morning; kids playing with their gifts, Mom in the kitchen, Dad in his office and I was sitting on the couch googling matching pajamas for the entire family for next year’s Christmas. I am procrastinating on the chore at hand, packing up our clothes and presents and then loading everything into my SUV.

It is time to get busy; got the kids dressed, packed and put everything in the hallway to start loading. I decided to move my SUV to make it easier to load. I walked through the house and announced I was going to move my car and I’d be right back to start loading.  I went out the garage door and walked to my car.

As I rolled forward I felt like I had driven off the curb. I opened my door and at that exact same moment I heard our 6-year-old son scream B-R-I-L-E-Y!! (He had noticed that she walked out the door just a few seconds after I did and came looking for her.) I ran to the back of my vehicle and there in between my rear tires lay my beautiful perfect little girl. I ran over her precious little body with my right front tire. She was bleeding from her ears, mouth and nose.

She did not survive this tragic, devastating accident. And now for the rest of our Christmases, birthdays, holidays and family events; we will not have her with us. It is a day that will haunt me for the rest of my life. Our lives along with family and friends, will never be the same.

Briley Kaye lit up a room with her smile, contagious laugh and sassiness. I know she is doing the same in heaven with all our family and friends that have gone before her. She is and will forever be perfect!! Mommy, Daddy and Bubba miss you like crazy and love you even more!! God’s got you in his arms and I can’t wait until you are in mine. ❤❤

For anyone whose is reading this – please do not make the same mistake I did and assume that your child is going to listen or assume someone is keeping an eye on them. Take the time to double, triple check……I swear it’s worth it!!

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