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Noah James Dreblow

January 27, 2006 – May 18, 2007

This is Noah’s story.

May 18, 2007, a day that changed our lives forever. It was a beautiful day that day. A very vibrant 15-month old Noah was at his grandma and grandpa’s house. Grandma was working in her flower garden. Noah’s cousin, Christopher (age 10), and Noah were playing with the basketballs.

The driveway was not your typical driveway. It was a long driveway which opened up to a very large area where the basketball goal was located. Grandpa went to move his company van so that the kids could play basketball.

While Grandpa went to move the van, Christopher went into the garage to get another basketball. At that time, Noah went after Grandpa because he liked to ride with him. Grandpa did not see Noah trying to approach him and hit him with the van. The scream that filled the air from Christopher could be heard throughout the neighborhood. Christopher tried to stop Grandpa by beating on the van but Grandpa didn’t hear him. Grandma came running to the van only to see Noah laying there. Noah passed in her arms. Although 911 were called, there was nothing that could be done.

Frantic calls were made to Noah’s parents, Erica and Derek, and to me (Christopher’s mom) from my 13-year-old daughter, Shannon. She came upon the scene only to take Tyler, Noah’s 3-year-old brother, away from the area of the accident. Noah’s mom and dad arrived from work as fast as they could. Because of the severity of Noah’s head injuries, the medical personnel would not allow Erica and Derek to be with their son. We buried Noah four days later.

Please don’t let this happen to you or anyone you know. Make sure you know where every child is before you even get into your vehicle. Don’t even turn the key until you know that every child is secured and away from the vehicle. This could have been prevented if sensory devices were installed on the vehicle, especially cargo van used by companies.

The family today is attempting to cope the best we can. The very first year was a difficult year to get through because of all the holidays and birthdays without Noah. Just the wondering of how he would be and how he would have reacted to all these events was just struggle in itself. Erica is expecting another son due in September 2008. Tyler asks about his baby Noah all the time. He misses him dearly. Erica feels he still has a special connection with his little brother spiritually. We know Noah is in a better place and through our faith and trusting in God’s plan, we know we will see him again.

Please consider making a donation in honor of Noah to help save children’s lives:

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