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Abiyr White

Miracle in a Halo

16 year old Skateboarder gets run over by a Heavy Equipment Tow Truck and lives to save others.
Abiyr White, 16, a young aspiring skateboarder was run over by a Heavy Equipment Tow Truck and survived. He now lives with ambition to save the lives of other young people by sharing the important message of “No Skitching.”

December 1, 2014, Abiyr had skateboarded all day, only blocks away, he finally was headed home, along with his brother (Melech) and a friend (Geo) who were on bicycles. A Heavy Equipment Tow Truck pulls up to the nearby STOP sign and excitedly Abiyr skates up to the driver’s side and with eye contact and gestures to the driver to allow him to “Skitch.” The tow truck driver being negligent and careless agreed and Abiyr grabbed hold to the center, between the front and rear wheels… and off they went to the next Stop sign. Successfully, it seemed like fun, so Abiyr and the driver attempted to go it again, to the next Stop sign, but this time it did not go well. The driver sped off too quickly and the tow truck’s rear wheel drove over Abiyr, crushing him. The tow truck driver pulled over. Melech and Geo ran to help Abiyr. Thankfully a nearby young man; military veteran named Stephan Gabriel was there to aid, using his former military training. Stephan Gabriel was the hero that day who helped Abiyr by providing support until both ambulance and police arrived on the scene. The Tow Truck driver did not possess a California license… and was free to leave the scene. Abiyr was rushed to Ronald Reagan, UCLA Hospital.

His mother (Joya Shelton) was informed and immediately went to UCLA. Abiyr was in the ICU in very serious critical condition and facing death from the massive amount of injuries sustained and the uncontrolled internal bleeding. Doctors informed his mother that his injuries were life-threatening and Abiyr may not live. She refused to believe it and wailed from her soul, praying for her son.

Heavily drugged and unconscious, Abiyr’s injuries included; head trauma, a broken neck, three broken spine bones, dissection of his vertebral artery from his brain which clotted and caused him two strokes, several broken ribs, severe damage to his left lung which required major surgery, several punctures to his right lung, a fractured wrist, a broken toe, massive lacerations and skin multiple abrasions.

Abiyr lay lifeless with five tubes coming out of his body to catch his bodily fluid flow and multiple intravenous medicine drip bags going into his body. He was intubated, placed on an oscillator and later received a tracheotomy. A halo was then placed on Abiyr’s head to support his broken neck; he is expected to wear the Halo for three to six months.

A mother’s proven love stands strong. From the first day until the last Abiyr’s mother sacrificed, leaving her job, staying in prayer and listening to great songs like Mali’s “Beautiful” and other inspirational songs. She stayed by her Abiyr’s bedside to love and care for him for 40 days and 40 nights. Daily she’d whisper in his ear, “Abiyr, by the Grace of GOD, we are going to be here until the last drip and the last tube is removed from your body and then son, we are going home.” Abiyr’s birthday passed December 8th, he turned 17. Christmas came as well… Abiyr’s siblings, relatives, loved ones, friends and Staff from BCCHS celebrated those special days for him. After three weeks, Abiyr was getting better, although very thin, weak and dizzy he for the first time was able to sit up (see video). Miraculously, with the brilliant experience and work of UCLA doctors, nurses and staff, Abiyr was improving. Everyone was calling Abiyr a “miracle.”

January 1, 2015, Abiyr was moved from the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) to the recovery floor of the hospital. January 3rd, 2015, Abiyr had an emotional breakdown and he cried, about his decision to have “Skitched”… and became more determined to share with children everywhere the importance of not “skitching.”

Thankful for his life, Abiyr had an epiphany to both help youth and make them aware of “No Skitching” by creating a foundation he titled, “Skate Safe Worldwide”. The foundation’s purpose is to provide resource information, knowledge of skate board safety and financial support to children injured in skateboard accidents when little funds are available to pay for their medical expenses at a hospital.

January 11, 2015, Abiyr was transferred from UCLA to Children’s Hospital to continue his physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

January 20, 2015, Abiyr was allowed to go home. Still wearing the Halo, he continues to see specialists and receive outpatient therapies. Home is a challenge. Abiyr has tearful moments adjusting to the halo, dealing with times of depression; knowing his life has changed forever and having to take medication daily, watching his mother struggle with his 24/7 care and a lack of funds to make ends meet. Feeling helpless, because his mother’s old car keeps falling apart and making it difficult to get him to his much needed appointments and therapies. Abiyr’s medical bills from both UCLA and Children’s Hospital exceed a million dollars and some bills have already reached home. Abiyr is very determined and is working hard online to catch up with school work in order to participate in the remaining senior activities, like Prom and Senior picnic, but most he is working extra hard to walk across the stage and graduate with his Class of 2015.

Abiyr needs financial support to help with medical bills, legal matters, help to get his mother’s car repaired, clothing to fit his new thin build, help to cover expenses for his remaining senior year in school and support to further build his foundation.

Abiyr needs donations to help during this time of hardship and challenge. Please consider a donation to Abyir White’s GOFUNDME causes. Your kind support toward his efforts is greatly appreciated. GOD Bless all.

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