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Kellyville Toddler Celebrates Birthday Year After 'Terrifying' Accident

Updated: May 05, 2018 5:23 PM CDT
KELLYVILLE, Oklahoma - A toddler's family is celebrating another year of life after a terrifying accident when she was run over by a pickup truck. As of this week, it's required for all new vehicles sold in the United States to have a rear-view backup camera, something her family is excited about. Jules Carter turned three years old Saturday. However, her family celebrated so much more than her birthday. Surrounded by her family, Saturday was a big day for Jules. "We're able to celebrate today. Because Jules is still here with us," said her mother Leona Carter. But the day after her second birthday, last year, is a day her family will never forget. "Most terrifying moment of our lives," Leona said. Her mom Leona said Jules was sitting in their truck, leaning against the door at the same time her sister opened it. "She fell out backwards. And so, we all jumped to try to grab her and when we did, the truck got knocked in reverse. And the front wheel of the vehicle backed over her," Leona said. She quickly recovered from a pelvic fracture and ran around one year later on her birthday. "She is a spunky three-year-old," said Leona. Now that backup cameras are mandatory for new cars, Leona said lives will be saved. "I am thrilled," she said. And while she said a backup camera would not have prevented their situation, she wants other families to know accidents can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you are. "It's very real. And it happens so often," Leona said. The national nonprofit Kids and Cars said from 1990 to 2017, 29 Oklahoma children died because of back over incidents.
Leona can't stand to think of one more parent losing their child. "We're gonna celebrate big this year and every year from this point forward," Leona said.
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