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  • Fed Gov't To Require Rear-View Mirrors On Some Cars Sold In US

    Two weeks after her second birthday, Veronica Rosenfeld was killed. She was run over accidentally by a neighbor backing out of his driveway in Boca Raton. For the six years since then, Veronica's mother, Arden, had made it her mission to make rear-view cameras standard equipment in vehicles.

  • U.S. Delays Rule on Rearview Car Cameras

    Safety regulators will not complete the details of a rule mandating rearview cameras on all passenger vehicles until the end of the year, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told Congressional leaders on Tuesday.

  • DOT Delays Mandating Rearview Cameras…Again

    Mandating rearview cameras in all passenger vehicles, would be the first government mandate designed to protect someone outside the car, but despite three letters from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood notifying Congress it anticipated action by Wednesday and a prominent media report, ABC News has learned the Department of Transportation has decided to again delay what critics say is a life-saving measure.

  • US rules to prevent car back-over deaths delayed

    U.S. rules aimed at preventing drivers from backing over children and others by requiring automakers to include rearview cameras on many new vehicles will be delayed until the end of this year, transportation officials said Tuesday.

  • Car Rearview Camera Ruling Delayed Again

    While it looked like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was set to announce this week that all passenger cars will have to come with rearview cameras by 2014, the decision has reportedly been pushed back yet again, probably to the end of this year.

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