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Backovers - Latest News

  • 5 key car safety features to protect your most precious cargo

    Even if you pride yourself on your cautious driving habits, accidents can still occur unexpectedly on the road, putting both you and your child’s safety at risk. It’s a truth I’ve witnessed time and time again throughout my career, and it’s why I’m such a strong advocate for crash avoidance technology.

  • The Communist plot to take away our big vehicles

    I'm not singularly focused on vehicle size, but it's a growing issue among people who already drive badly. The #1 problem with traffic safety is driver behavior. That’s true regardless of the vehicle, and it’s why my primary focus is designing street networks to calm drivers. Slower speeds means fewer crashes. And when crashes do occur, they’re typically much less severe. 

  • How to prevent backover car accident deaths

    How to prevent backover car accident deaths. Here are some ways to stop this nightmarish scenario from happening to you.

  • After Son’s Tragic Death, This Doctor Fought For Backup Camera Law

    In 2002, Dr. Greg Gulbransen accidentally backed over and killed his young son. He turned his agony into activism and fought for backup cameras in every car.

  • Texas Family Warns of Driveway and Blind Zone Dangers

    The NBC 5 Responds team is shedding light on a blind zone in front of many popular vehicles. A Texas mom said it lead to devastating consequences for her family. Read on for their story and what safety advocates want drivers to know.

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