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Other Dangers - Latest News

  • Even the best car seat won't save your child

    Vehicles are dangerous, plain and simple. The two-plus tons of steel and other materials we rely on to drop our kids off at school or shuttle them to ballet and soccer can also kill them.

  • Car Seat Safety: Protecting Your Child from Hyperthermia

    As the summer season approaches and the warm weather returns, it’s time to talk about another kids and cars topic.

  • Small Group of Safety Advocates Change Auto Industry

    It’s not every day that we cover extraordinary success stories against the recalcitrant (to put it mildly) auto industry, and it's all thanks to a few relentless safety advocates. According to a front page article in today’s New York Times, “Federal regulators plan to announce this week that automakers will be required to put rearview cameras in all passenger vehicles by 2014 to help drivers see what is behind them.”

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