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Education & Public Awareness

Kids and Car Safety

Kids and Car Safety (KACS) was the first organization to recognize and bring national attention to nontraffic incidents. ‘Nontraffic’ is defined as any vehicle-related injury or death occurring off public roads or highways, mainly in parking lots or driveways.

KACS works to educate professionals in the following areas who are reaching families with young children - early childhood, physicians and nurses, hospital birthing centers, social workers, car seat technicians, child care providers, public health departments and more. 

Look Before You Lock program2015-01-07-The Womens Hospital at Renaissance classroom

The Look Before You Lock (LBYL) national program is aimed at preventing child hot car deaths and injuries. The program provides free educational materials to hospital birthing centers, OBGYN offices, pediatric and family practice offices, early childhood education programs, public health departments, child care providers, etc. The materials help parents and caregivers understand how hot car deaths can happen to even loving, responsible parents and provide proactive tips to ensure their child is safe. To date, well over one million LBYL cards have been distributed.  Many more individuals are educated through downloadable, printable materials and social media campaigns.

Childproof Your Ride program

Amber interviewThe Childproof Your Ride (CYR) program is our newest program. Just as parents childproof their homes to keep their babies safe, the purpose of the CYR program is to provide parents with a comprehensive resource about the many dangers children face in and around vehicles and what they can do to mitigate those risks. The program serves as a “one-stop-shop” for parents to learn about vehicle safety for their children. Materials are distributed to existing child safety programs that are focused on the parents of young children.

Below are a few examples of how Kids and Car Safety works to bring awareness and understanding to families:

Kids and Car Safety has been and will remain at the forefront of eliminating dangers children face in and around vehicles and saving precious little lives. 

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