Bigger Vehicles Create 'Front Over' Deadly Blindspot

Pittsburgh, PA — Back up cameras help prevent drivers from backing over a child. But many parents might not know that there is also a major blind zone in front of the vehicle and a national safety group says you can pull forward and never see a child.

From 1996-2000, there were 24 recorded frontover deaths. That number jumped to 358 between 2006 and 2010. The popularity of bigger vehicles is one reason why. 80 percent of frontover accidents involve SUVS, Vans and pickup trucks.

“People don’t know. They are not educated about the big blind zone in front of their vehicles,” Janette Fannel with Kids and Cars said.

Do you think you would be able to spot a small child in the blind zone in front of your vehicle?

CBS had a mom of four test the blind spot in front of her SUV. Her 5-year-old son was on a scooter by the bumper. CBS moved him back until his mom, Julie Farber, could see him. Finally, at 8 feet, she could see her son.

Most front over accidents happen in driveways when someone goes to move a vehicle. In 70 percent of these accidents, it’s a parent or close relative behind the wheel.

“Just think of a child dying and you are the one responsible, it doesn’t get worse than that.” Fennell said.

To keep kids safe experts, say walk around your vehicle before you move it.

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Posted on Monday, June 12th, 2017 at 7:18 pm in category Frontovers, Latest News