PETULA DVORAK: Death by hot car is preventable

July 12, 2013

7/12/2013 Kennebec Journal – Petula Dvorak The worst part of summer is here, when children die slowly in searing-hot cars. There were two last week, an 8-month-old in Virginia and a 16-month-old in Maryland. Learn more: 2013-07-12-kennebec-journal-heat

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From errand to crime: Parents now face hard consequences for leaving kids in car

7/12/2013 TODAY Moms – A. Pawlowski By the time Christina Moon pulled up to her local J.C. Penney to make a return after a morning of errands, her 4‐year‐old daughter was engrossed in a film in the back of the family’s SUV. So when it came time to go inside the store, the girl protested. […]

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Olvidar a su bebé en el carro puede ser fatal

July 11, 2013

7/11/2013 Semana News – Patty Estrada Houston.- La vida de Kristie y Brett Cavaliero cambió para siempre en un abrir y cerrar de ojos en una mañana de mayo del 2011. Un cambio de rutina fue el detonante para que esta pareja, residente en Austin (Texas), enfrentara una de las peores tragedias de su vida. “Fue algo […]

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Forget your baby in the car can be fatal (English Translation)

7/11/2013 Semana News – Patty Estrada HOUSTON Kristie’s life and Brett Cavaliero changed forever in the blink of an eye in a May morning in 2011. A change in routine was the trigger for this couple, living in Austin (Texas), faced one of the worst tragedies of his life. “It was something terrible that no parent deserves […]

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VIDEO: Parents Start Pledge After Child Dies In Car

7/11/2013 AOL Auto News Leaving a child in a hot car is often not a case of neglect, but a gut-wrenching mistake made by distracted parents. That was the case when Kristie and Brett Reeves lost their 1-year-old daughter after Brett Reeves forgot to drop her off at day care and instead headed straight to […]

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Kids Still Dying In Hot Cars

July 10, 2013

7/10/2013 Huffington Post LIVE According to an advocacy group, a child dies every nine days in the U.S. after being left too long in a hot car. Twenty children have already died in 2013, and as summer heats up, more deaths are expected. What can be done to stop these tragedies? Learn more: 2013-07-10-huffington-post-live-marson-cavaliero

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Live Chat: Could you forget your child?

7/10/2013 – Ruth Dunley How could anyone leave a child in a car on a sweltering summer day? Two recent cases, one in Ontario and one in Alberta, that resulted in the horrific deaths of young children, have sparked this question across Canada. Learn more: 2013-07-10-Live Chat with Ruth Dunley

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Mother goes on crusade after son dies in hot SUV

July 9, 2013

7/9/2013 WTOP Radio (Wash, DC) – Nick Iannelli WASHINGTON ‐ The anguish that came in March 2007 was nearly unbearable for Lyn Balfour and her family. “I just couldn’t believe I could forget my child,” recalls Balfour. “It was very devastating for me.” It was similar to every other day, but she was tired and working on a different […]

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10 Tips That Could Save Your Child’s Life By Helping You Avoid a Fatal Distraction

7/9/2013 Babble Blog – Lauren Hartmann Last week a friend of mine posted this story from The Washington Post about horrifying incidents of parents forgetting their children in the backseat of cars and the resulting deaths that occurred due to heatstroke. Learn more: 2013-07-09-babble-blog-heat

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Heat and Unattended Kids in Cars Do NOT Go Together

July 8, 2013

7/8/2013 Fairfax County Emergency Information Leaving children and pets unattended in cars is often emphasized during hot weather, although it’s something we need to think about daily. With temperatures in the 90s this week — and rising the rest of the summer — we’re going to focus this week on this important topic. Today, we […]

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