A mother’s mission to prevent child deaths in hot cars

July 14, 2014

7/14/2014 WCIV ABC News Deona Bien is the Director of Women and Children Services at Trident Health and is also the Vice President of the nonprofit, KidsandCars.org. Learn more: 2014-07-14-wciv-abc-bien-heat

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Hot Car Deaths in the United States 2014 (INTERACTIVE)

7/14/2014 The Weather Channel – By Sean Breslin It’s the saddest story of the summer. Each year, dozens of American children die in cars in the heat. Some of these cases occur when a parent forgets there’s a kid in the car, and others happen when a child ventures into a vehicle and gets trapped. […]

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Kids group wants White House to address hot-car deaths

7/14/2014 AOL Autos – Pete Bigelow Cars come equipped with alarms that remind motorists to buckle their seatbelts, chimes that indicate headlights are still on after the engine is turned off and buzzers that sound if keys are left in the ignition, says Janette Fennell. Forget a sleeping child in the rear seats, however, and […]

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Hot cars can be deadly for kids, pets within minutes

7/14/2014 Good4Utah Amberlee was only 99 days old when Brown’s husband forgot her in the car on a hot summer day in Phoenix. Learn more: 2014-07-14-good4utah-brown-heat

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7/14/2014 ABC News 7 A national effort has been launched to help prevent accidents involving children being left in hot cars. Learn more: 2014-07-14-abcnews7-heat-petition

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I Left My Baby in a Hot Car’: One Mom Shares Her Tragic Story

July 11, 2014

7/11/2014 CafeMom – TheStir “Unlike some parents I was absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to hold my son one last time and tell him goodbye, and I made a promise to him that no matter how painful it would be to go through my story over and over and over again if just one […]

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Tennessee law allows you to break into hot car to save children

July 10, 2014

7/10/2014 The TODAY SHOW, via WRCB-TV In a summer punctuated by horrifying incidents of children dying in hot cars, one state will now allow bystanders to break into a car if they see a kid inside who they believe is in danger. Learn more: 2014-07-10-todayshow-heat-tnlaw

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Cases of children dying in cars raise concerns

7/10/2014 Highlands Today – Jay Meisel According to safety advocacy group KidsAndCars.org, 44 kids died of heat stroke in hot cars in 2013, most of which occurring when parents forgot their children were in the car. The group suggests leaving an important item, like a purse or cell phone, in the back seat as a […]

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Should the government step in to prevent hot car deaths?

7/10/2014 The CNN Wire While the case of the Georgia father accused of intentionally leaving his toddler son to die in a hot car continues to grip the nation, it has also sparked a debate about whether more could be done to prevent the accidental deaths of children from heatstroke inside a car. Learn more: 2014-07-10-cnnwire-heat

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How technology could help prevent kids’ deaths in hot cars

7/10/2014 ELIENE AUGENBRAUN, CBS NEWS The news is always tragic, and seems to happen far too often: a child left in a hot car is found dead of heat stroke when a caregiver forgot or did not know they were there. Learn more: 2014-07-10-cbsnews-heat

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