U.S. Delays Rule on Rearview Car Cameras

February 28, 2012

2/28/2012 The New York Times – Nick Bunkley Safety regulators will not complete the details of a rule mandating rearview cameras on all passenger vehicles until the end of the year, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told Congressional leaders on Tuesday. Learn More: 2012-02-28-nytimes-rule-delay

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Federal regulators push to require rear view cameras in cars by 2014

2/28/2012 Los Angeles Times – Tiffany Hsu By 2014, every new passenger car on the road will have a rearview camera, if federal regulators have their way. The final draft of the rule, which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expected to send to Congress on Wednesday, would require automakers to install the backup […]

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Fed Gov’t To Require Rear-View Mirrors On Some Cars Sold In US

2/28/2012 WTSP (St. Petersburg, FL) Two weeks after her second birthday, Veronica Rosenfeld was killed. She was run over accidentally by a neighbor backing out of his driveway in Boca Raton. For the six years since then, Veronica’s mother, Arden, had made it her mission to make rear-view cameras standard equipment in vehicles. Learn More: 2012-02-28-wtsp

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Back Up Cameras To Be Installed In All New Cars

2/28/2012 CBS News – Chris May Karen Cuputo’s toddler didn’t survive a backover accident in 2007. The Carlisle mother told Eyewitness News about the loss of her 20-month-old son Dillon. “You never get over it, you deal with it,” said Karen. “You try to make something positive come out of the tragedy.” Learn More: 2012-02-28-cbs3-philadelphia

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Small Group of Safety Advocates Change Auto Industry

2/28/2012 ThePopTort.com It’s not every day that we cover extraordinary success stories against the recalcitrant (to put it mildly) auto industry, and it’s all thanks to a few relentless safety advocates. According to a front page article in today’s New York Times, “Federal regulators plan to announce this week that automakers will be required to […]

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U.S. Rule Set for Cameras at Cars’ Rear

2/28/2012 The New York Times – Nick Bunkley Federal regulators plan to announce this week that automakers will be required to put rearview cameras in all passenger vehicles by 2014 to help drivers see what is behind them. Learn More: 2012-02-28-ny-times-rear-viz

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Doctors Offer Tips To Prevent Driveway Accidents

February 17, 2012

2/17/2012 News Channel 5 – Marcus Washington NASHVILLE, Tenn.- A tragic driveway accident took the life of Nashville Mayor Dean’s two-year-old niece. Learn More: 2012-02-17-news-channel-5

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Backover Accident Highlights Dangers

2/17/2012 FOX17 Each week 50 kids across the country are injured in back over accidents, and two of them are killed. It’s called the blind zone, and its dangerous dimensions are found behind any vehicle. Learn More: 2012-02-17-fox17

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Backing up blind: what you don’t see in the mirrors

February 8, 2012

2/8/2012 KGUN 9 News – Kimberly Romo Griebel said she could see nothing. There were 120 children…7 kindergarten classes…in her blind zone. Learn More: 2012-02-08-kgun-backing-up-blindly

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Child-safety group: Deadly ‘back-over’ accidents preventable

January 24, 2012

1/25/2012 The Californian – Andy Stiny In the second incident of its kind in four months, a relative fatally backed over a toddler in Salinas on Sunday in a tragedy that child safety advocates say is preventable if the driver could have seen the danger. Learn More: 2012-01-24-the-californian

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