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Hot Car Technology State Laws

Childcare Vehicle or School Bus Alarm Laws

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States with Laws
 Bill No.
California SB-1072
Florida SB 252
  HB 1287
Tennessee SB 3258 / HB 3368
Texas HB 1741
Wisconsin SB 141
States with Proposed Laws
Michigan HB 4901


Occupant Alarm System State Laws

Florida - Jace Lucas Leslie Act (SB 690) - PROPOSED LAW 2024

The bill calls for a requirement for unattended occupant alarm systems to be used in all vehicles transporting children age 6 and under in the state of Florida. The bill also calls for a public awareness campaign to educate the public about the alarm system requirement. SB 690 calls for minimum safety standards to be set for technology. The bill also amends licensing standards for child care facilities to require them to contact families if a child does not arrive as scheduled. Learn More

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