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Child Care Absence Call State Laws

New Jersey has a law requiring a parent or guardian to notify child care centers if a child will be absent and also requires child care centers to notify a parent or guardian in the event of an unexcused child absence (formerly bill A-3277/S-559 signed into law on 1/7/2021). 

New York Law (§47.29 (d) page 23) has a regulation in place that requires parents to call within an hour of expected arrival time if child will be absent for the day and also requires child care providers to call families and inform them of the unexpected absence within an hour or their normal arrival time if the child does not show up as scheduled.

Florida - Jace Lucas Leslie Act (SB 690) - PROPOSED LAW 2024
This proposed law calls for procedures for notification of a child’s emergency contact if the child does not arrive at the scheduled time and the facility or family day care home has not received an advanced notification of the child’s absence.
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