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Good Samaritan State Laws

Far too many children and pets die in hot cars every year. Good Samaritan laws are designed to protect citizens from liability if they break into a vehicle to rescue a person or pet in distress that is trapped inside. These laws are meant to encourage citizens to act without fear of retribution. This is critical because minutes can be the difference between life or death for a person or pet trapped inside a hot car. Currently 25 states have Good Samaritan laws specific to hot car rescue. 

Click on a state's initials to view the full text of that state's law, or download the Good Samaritan State Laws map here. BLUE states have laws that are passed, RED states have previously proposed laws that did not pass.

Alabama Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Idaho Indiana Kansas Kentucy Massachusetts Missouri Nebraska Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina Texas Tennessee Utah Vermont Virginia Wisconson Illinois Maryland Michigan Nevada New Hampshire New York North Carolina West Virginia
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