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Backovers Technology

How the Rear Visibility Standard Was Won 

March 31, 2014 the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a long-delayed auto safety standard to improve vehicle’s’ rear visibility and prevent deaths that occur when drivers back into people whom they cannot see. 

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Technology is available to reduce the blindzone behind your vehicle. Learn more about what is available as aftermarket technology you can add to your vehicle today. All vehicles can be retrofitted with camera systems to help keep children safe because you cannot avoid hitting what you cannot see.

VOXX Electronics Corporation

ACA801 – License Plate Mounted Back-up Camera

new york license plateToday’s drivers are more safety conscious than ever. With the popularity of SUVs, trucks, and larger vehicles, blind spots are an increasing problem. Sophisticated technology now makes it affordable for drivers to have an added dimension of safety. The VOXX Electronics’ ACA801 License Plate Mounted Back-up Camera is easily added to most OEM vehicles or added in combination with one of their many monitors, making backing up easier and safer. The ACA801 is an HD camera that is waterproof, compact, and low-light sensitive and includes trajectory grid lines for ease of use.

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