Kids and Car Safety & Tucson Medical Center Mama Chat Video

July 27, 2021

Check out the ‘mama chat’ video recording that we did with Tucson Medical Center on 7/22/2021 discussing hot car dangers and what parents can do to keep their children safe.

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Could these policies or gadgets keep children from dying in hot cars?

July 26, 2021

The Hot Cars Act of 2021 would put safety device in cars to remind parents of the littles in the back seat. Experts say to remember safety habits By Lois M. Collins@Loisco  Jul 23, 2021, 10:00pm MDT Jessica Strong, community health manager at Primary Children’s Hospital, talks about Baby Safety Snaps, a safety device that helps prevent […]

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Deadly Distraction: Children Accidentally Forgotten in Cars

July 1, 2021

Legislation pushes for life saving technology in all news cars by 2025 By Susan Hogan, Rick Yarborough and Lance Ing • Published June 30, 2021 • Updated on June 30, 2021 at 5:16 pm     Raelyn Balfour woke up March 30, 2007, exhausted. Her 9-month-old son, Bryce, was up all night with a cold. But she and her husband, Jarrett, knew that if they could […]

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Advocates push for technology that prevents hot car deaths

June 14, 2021

By Lauren Fox, AccuWeather staff writer, Updated Jun. 13, 2021 2:41 PM CDT Watch video report: Temperatures are rising across the U.S., which means the threat of children dying after being left in hot cars are again creeping up on parents across the nation. “As scorching heat expands across the United States during the summer months, […]

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The federal Hot Cars Act aims to prevent deaths in sweltering vehicles. Can technology help save lives?

June 3, 2021

Published Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Steven Vargas, USA TODAY The car hums to a stop – the engine is off. You take out the keys, strap your bag across your shoulder and walk into the office to make it to your morning meeting. As you sit at your desk, you get an unexpected text: someone […]

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Hyundai adds child heatstroke prevention technology to Alabama-built vehicles

May 5, 2021

By Michael Tomberlin, May 4, 2021 The Rear Occupant Alert system will now be standard on a number of Hyundai vehicles, including those built in Alabama. (Hyundai) Hyundai has made its Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) technology available in 13 vehicles, including cars and SUVs built in Alabama. The automaker is helping address the issue of pediatric […]

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Auto safety agency faces calls for overhaul as Biden presidency begins

January 22, 2021

January 21st, 2021 | by Christopher Jensen / New York Times News Service For decades, across administrations of Republicans and Democrats, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has faced criticism from safety advocates who accuse it of routinely falling short of its mission. Among their complaints: That the agency fails to promptly detect and act on […]

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BWW Review: Susan Morgan Cooper’s Riveting Expose On Hot Car Deaths: FATAL DISTRACTION

January 11, 2021

A compelling exposé of the tragedy of hot car deaths, a trial, and available solutions to avoidable harm by Herbert Paine Jan. 8, 2021        Child vehicular heatstroke. Since 1990, 940 children in the United States have died in hot cars. The average number of deaths per year: 39 or one every 9 days! (Source: If you are among those […]

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In Battle Against “The Highway Disease,” Traffic Safety Agency Attacked as Asleep at the Wheel

December 16, 2020

By Myron Levin and Eli Wolfe on December 16, 2020 Former President Lyndon Johnson was probably not the first, nor certainly the last, to note that more Americans have died on the nation’s roads than in all of its wars combined. He called it “the highway disease” in a speech in 1966, when he signed legislation that aimed to curb […]

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Vayyar 4D Imaging Radar Sensor Set To Revolutionise Automotive Safety By Cutting Complexity And Costs 

USA – English  Overcrowded with sensors – average cars forecast to have over 200 by 2030 NEWS PROVIDED BY Vayyar  Dec 15, 2020, 07:00 ET – Vayyar platform addresses multiple challenging safety requirements, providing unprecedented life-saving functionality for all car models (view the technology here). – Single multifunctional radar-on-chip (ROC) able to replace numerous traditional one-function […]

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