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Car Door Child Safety Locks

child door lock child door locks


Purpose of Child Safety Locks

Car door child safety locks are designed to prevent children from opening the rear doors
of a vehicle from inside (while moving or parked) to prevent injury to the child.

Unintended Risks from Child Safety Locks 

  • One of these things is not like the other! Rear door locks are not the same on all
    vehicles. Knowing the technology, its capabilities as well as limitations, in your car is a vital part of childproofing your vehicle.
  • Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine how to turn on or off your child’s door locks. In many cars, there is a lever or slot to use a key to engage the lock feature, which can be found on the side of the door (the area of the door you cannot see when the door is closed).

WARNING: If your car door child safety locks are on, please be sure to teach your child how they can get out of the vehicle if they ever become trapped inside:

Using the front doors (which do not have child locks) to get out.
Honking the horn (FYI… not all horns honk if the vehicle is turned off).
Turning on the hazard lights making themselves visible to passersby.

Children should be taught that it is NEVER safe to be inside a vehicle without an adult.

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Is your child safe when using vehicle child safety locks?

Is your child safe when using vehicle child safety locks?


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