Examples of Available Technology to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Technology should be installed during the manufacturing stage of ALL vehicles (see HOT CARS Act) and be able to detect the presence of an occupant (child, pet, etc.). The ‘detection’ feature is necessary to address children who get into vehicles on their own, which accounts for nearly 30% of hot car deaths. Systems utilize a wide range of detection features including sensors that detect motion, carbon dioxide, weight, vital signs, temperature, door sequencing, etc.

A simple reminder to look in the back seat, as required by the auto industry’s recent voluntary agreement, is outdated technology that would fail in a number of common scenarios and provide a false sense of protection for families.

Systems that can detect a child available in vehicles today:

Hyundai Rear Occupant Alert

The rear-occupant alert system will remind the driver to check the back seat when the engine is shut off if the back door was opened prior to driving somewhere with an audio and visual alert. The second alert is triggered by a motion sensor that sounds the horn, flashes the lights and sends a notification to the vehicle owner’s smart phone if an occupant is detected inside the back seat for up to 24 hours after the car is turned off. This system is available in the Sante Fe and Palisade models.



www.hyundainews.com/gallery/videos/33972 (ROA featured starting at 1:10)


Kia Rear Occupant Alert

Same system that is used in the Hyundai vehicles (described above) and is available in the Telluride SUV.




Systems available to install during manufacturing or aftermarket that can ‘detect’ the presence of a child:

Vayyar – Next Gen Automotive Sensor

Vayyar’s 3D imaging sensor technology quickly and easily looks into objects or any defined volume (inside of a vehicle) and detects even the slightest anomalies and movements to bring highly sophisticated imaging capabilities to your fingertips. The system can detect the number of passengers, where they are and even if they are an adult vs. a child.

https://youtu.be/v5iiVdMF4FI or  https://vayyar.com/automotive


AsahiKASEI – Senseair

Senseair Sunrise Automotive is the new generation NDIR sensor with Optical Solid State technology. Electronics with no moving parts make this sensor robust and resistant to vibrations, which is ideal for automotive applications for active occupant detection. When CO2 rises in a closed car, due to a child or pet inside or entering a parked car, an alarm can be triggered via a smartphone app or the windows lowered (dependent on OEM requirements and integration).



VOXX Automotive’s SOLO

Children have died due to Pediatric Vehicular Heatstroke (PVH) since 1998… all of which could have been prevented! VOXX Automotive has partnered with patent holder of the “Save-Our-Loved-Ones” (SOLO) technology with a central focus on ending mortality rates of children inadvertently left in cars where temperatures can soar. SOLO, our integrated module with technology to detect the presence of life within seconds of a driver leaving the vehicle through respiratory activity – By simply breathing!



Freer Logic’s brain sensor technology

Freer Logic’s brain sensor technology quickly determines living entities in a car through passive sensing which emits nothing into the living being. Its neurobiomonitor detects brain activity and can send a cell phone alert to a chain of command to prevent injury or death. www.freerlogic.com


Examples of Aftermarket  Products:


CleverElly is a simple and useful device that reminds the driver to check the back seat before exiting the vehicle. Requires no installation and doubles up as a USB car charger that comes in handy in any car. CleverElly is often praised for being the simplest and quickest aftermarket technology solution to help prevent accidental heatstroke cases from taking place.



Carseat CoPilot Automatic Alert System

CoPilot is the ideal backseat baby reminder that attaches to any infant car seat strap and sends a signal to an alarm key chain fob that attaches to car keys.  No Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or smartphone app required!  Easily install the seatbelt clip just once below the existing car seat buckle.  An integrated alert sensor automatically pairs with each of the (2) alarm key fobs included in this system.  When a driver leaves the car without unbuckling the seatbelt clip, in approximately 30-45 seconds the sensor will signal the alarm on his or her key fob.  It’s a simple, affordable solution that requires no professional installation and provides parents the ultimate peace of mind to prevent a tragedy.


Reminder Alert Only / Door Sequencing (not comprehensive)

GM, Nissan, Subaru: 

GM, Nissan and Subaru all offer systems that operate using door sequencing technology that provides an audio and visual alert if the driver opens the back door prior to driving. This type of system would not provide a reminder alert in a number of common scenarios. For example, if you stopped to get gas and did not open the back door while stopped, you would not get a reminder when you get to your final destination. Additionally, a system like this does not have the ability to detect the presence of a child alone inside a vehicle and would not protect children who got into a vehicle and became trapped inside.

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