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Ride N Remind System

ride n remind logoRide N Remind patented system has been in use since 2009 and operates by monitoring the vehicle’s rear doors. It provides an audio alert if the driver opens the back door prior to driving. Once the driver completes a trip and turns off the vehicle, Ride N Remind sounds a gentle, but distinctive continuous chime. If the chime is not responded to, the car’s horn will sound. The only way to deactivate the alert is by opening the back door and pushing a button conveniently located inside. Once professionally installed, it works automatically. No batteries, key chains or apps are required. One system can be used for any number of children with or without a car seat. It can be used for pets and the infirm as well. Ride N Remind is approved for child care licensing in many states and it is recognized for child care licensing by the Department of Children and Families in the State of Florida.

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