Put phone into CellSlip to block cell signal while driving. Place it in the seat pocket in front of your child’s car seat as a reminder to “Look Before You Lock” AND prevent distracted driving.

Also a must have item for teen drivers!

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KidsAndCars.org’s ‘Look Before You Lock’ safety checklist was designed to give parents simple steps they can take to make sure their child never becomes trapped inside a hot car. One of the safety tips is to put your cell phone or something that you need to use immediately in your day into the back seat. This serves as a reminder to open the back door and ‘look’ before you ‘lock’ the vehicle every single time.

KidsAndCars.org is taking this a step further by asking parents to put their phone inside the CellSlip in the seat back pocket in front of their child’s car seat. When a phone is placed inside CellSlip all signal is blocked allowing the user to focus on the road. When the CellSlip is removed the user will receive all notifications within seconds.

The idea is that placing their phone inside CellSlip in the back seat requires them to get into the back seat before walking away from their vehicle and will reduce driving distractions.

This is a cost-effective and simple way to provide families with a double layer of safety protection in vehicles.


Instructions for Parents & Caregivers:

  1. Place cell phone inside CellSlip before driving
  2. Place CellSlip in the seat back pocket in front of your child’s car seat
  3. ‘Look Before You Lock’ – upon arriving at your destination remove from seat back pocket and check to be sure all children have been removed from the vehicle.