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Safety organization says it's seeing uptick in 'back-over' accidents involving kids

Even as communities begin to open up and people begin to venture out, a safety organization said it's seeing a growing problem with children.
As more families remain home, especially with school officially out for the summer, many are still working to stay out of stores. That means more deliveries than normal. Experts say while most of our newer-model cars, trucks and vans come equipped with backup cameras, many delivery trucks do not. Amber Rollins with the safety organization Kids and Cars said the nation is seeing an uptick in the number of tragedies involving children who are backed over or struck by delivery vehicles in front of their homes. "A lot of back-over tragedies happen when little ones open that front door -- which parents didn't even know they were capable of doing -- and slip outside," Rollins said. "Especially with the number of online orders and delivery drivers, there are more trucks out there in our neighborhoods, so we have to be very careful to protect our littlest ones." The problem stuck close to home last month when a 3-year-old girl in Paola, Kansas, was struck and killed by a deliver truck. The driver likely had no idea the girl was there. Kids and Cars suggests now is the time for additional awareness -- both of the capabilities of your own child and of the potential for impending deliveries.
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