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Pet cat credited with saving Deltona couple from carbon monoxide poisoning



A couple spent hours in their home being sicked by carbon monoxide after accidentally leaving their car running in the garage.

Paul and Leona Jones went out for an early dinner Wednesday evening and came home in the middle of a rainstorm.

They said they just wanted to get into the garage, close the door and get in the home.

"(We) just didn't hear the engine running and I didn't hit the button," Leona Jones said.

The Jones' vehicle has a push button ignition and, in their rush to get inside, Leona Jones forgot to push it off. She said that mistake almost cost them their lives.

"(Paul) was close to death. I wasn't quite as bad, but he was close to death," Leona Jones said.

Leona Jones said she was asleep on the couch while her husband was in the bedroom.

Around 1 a.m., the couple's SUV had been running in the garage for around eight hours. Paul Jones said it was their cat crying that roused them.

"She was not able to stand up at all. I carried her from underneath the bed, I pulled her out, set her on the bed, then I collapsed on the bed," Paul Jones said.

Leona Jones said she stumbled in from the living room.

"I tried to get on the bed and my legs were so weak, I couldn't get on the bed," Leona Jones said.

Leona Jones managed to call 911 and though advised to get out of the house, she couldn't move her husband.

Fortunately, firefighters arrived fast and discovered the dangerous source..

Rescue crews administered oxygen to the couple and the cat then rushed all of them to a hospital.

The Jones' have since installed carbon monoxide detectors and put up a warning sign they can't miss in the garage. The couple said they have no doubt their cat, named Bella, saved them.

"If she hadn't cried and hadn't woken him up, we would have never known and we would have slept though it," Leona Jones said.

The couple said both are still having a little residual confusion and some muscle weakness. Doctors said that's to be expected.

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