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New legislation to require technology to be placed in vehicles to prevent child heatstroke deaths

Kids and Cars announced on Thursday a major bill they are purposing that is aimed at saving kids' lives. The non-profit group says the bill is called the  "Hot Cars Act of 2016." It stands for "helping overcome trauma for children alone in rear seats act." 29 children have died needlessly so far this year, 30-percent get into the cars by themselves. Kids and Cars, which is dedicated to keeping kids safe around vehicles, says the technology is there to prevent child heatstroke so they're  working to make it a requirement in cars.
Kids and Cars is  based in Kansas City and was founded by Janette Fennell after she was stuck in the trunk of a car with no way out during a horrific kidnapping, and her child was thrown out in a car seat. Kids and Cars then lobbied successfully to have an internal trunk release as standard equipment on cars after 2001. "You can't buy a vehicle today that doesn't remind you to turn your headlights off, close the door, check your oil,  all these things," Amber Andreasen said. "There's dozens of reminders in vehicles. Why not one for a child?" For more information about the bill, go to
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