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Local mom shares story of losing baby in hot car

Grace White, KHOU 8:27 PM. EST 
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For the first time, a family is sharing their story of losing their 5-month-old baby in a hot car. This family didn't want to share their names, and the dad is still too upset to talk, but they are sharing their pain, hoping to save another child. "This is one of the first ones I sent," said the mother, looking down at letters she wrote. It took a lot of courage for this mom to sit down and write other families who share her pain. "We're thinking of you at this difficult time," she said, reading a letter. She lost her 5-month-old daughter, Lily, in a hot car. "I won't forget this for the rest of my life, but I didn't say goodbye to her because we were in a hurry," she remembers. There was something different about that morning. "Normally, I take the older two kids to school, and today, he was trying to bless me and took all three of them," she said. Her husband dropped off the older two children at school, but the baby was still in the backseat. Later that day, he even went to pick the baby up from daycare where he thought she was. "When he walked up to the door, they just looked at him and said, ‘She hasn't been here all day.’" It was a nightmare this family couldn't believe was happening. "There were 15 seconds of, ‘How could he do that?’" she said. However, on her drive home, this mom says her faith in God gave her peace. "Immediately, instant forgiveness washed over me," she said. Now it's her mission to show other families you can heal and remind all parents it can happen to anyone. "If I can help one family, one child," she said. "It's important for people to know that it happens to good people." Judging by the letters this mom gets back, she's making a difference. "Your loving message is deeply appreciated," she said, reading one of the thank you letters a family sent to her. She believes her daughter Lily is an angel still looking down from above. Police were called out during this incident, but no charges were filed. They believe it was a tragic accident.

For more information on KHOU's investigation into hot car deaths, tap click here.
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