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Are keyless ignitions putting you at risk?

Could a convenient feature in new cars be putting you and your family at risk?This year, 91 percent of new cars will have a keyless ignition.
The push button start is now responsible for more carbon monoxide deaths in Florida than anywhere else in America. Last week, Retired MIT professor James Livingston and his wife, Sherry Penney, the first woman to lead the Massachusetts University system, were found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning in their Sarasota home. Barbara Russell, 85, of Brevard County, died in 2015 under the same circumstances. "I mean, the first thing that went through my mind was I'm never going to see her again," Russell's daughter, Marcia Lapp, said. "My world has never been the same. And I'm still not over it." WESH 2 News Investigative Reporter Greg Fox shows us what car makers are doing, and what critics said the federal government isn't doing, to protect drivers.
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