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3 Children Died in Hot Cars Last Week – 5/30/23

Harrowing Hot Car Tragedy Recounted in Mother’s Memoire – 5/4/23

Hot Car Regulation Needed ASAP, Enough is Enough – 5/1/23

Media Advisory: Grieving Families Demand End to Hot Car Deaths – 4/28/23


Kids and Car Safety Applauds U.S. Senator Blumenthal for the STOP Frontovers Act – 10/25/22

3 Children Died Yesterday in Hot Cars; Hot Car Occupant Detection Technology Could Have Saved their Lives – 9/21/22

4 Children Die in Hot Cars in 1 Week – 8/17/22

Hot car death murder conviction overturned by Georgia Supreme Court – 6/23/22

Kids and Car Safety Cautions Families as Temperatures Soar & Hot Car Deaths Continue – 6/22/22

Texas Father Recounts Horrific Mistake in New Book 7 Years Later – 6/9/22

Hot Car Technology Needed ASAP – 4/28/22

Missouri worst in the nation for roadway safety policies – 1/23/2022

Father Serving Life Sentence Appeals in Georgia Supreme Court Next Week – 1/14/2022


NEW Documentary: Hot car death trial, tragic mistake or murder? – 12/7/2021

VIDEO: Rep Schakowsky, Kids and Car Safety parent advocate, Jamie Dill, and other stakeholders discussing auto safety provisions in the Infrastructure bill – 11/22/2021

Hot Cars Act passed in Infrastructure bill, Statement from Kids and Car Safety & families affected by hot car tragedies – 10/9/2021

As children die, Senate celebrates “bipartisan victory”? – 8/10/2021

Safety, Consumer, and Public Health Groups, Transportation Officials, and Truck Crash, Hot Car Incident, Distracted Driving, Red Light Running and Seatback Failure Victims Respond to U.S. Senate’s Bipartisan Transportation/ Infrastructure Bill – 8/1/2021

Media Advisory: TODAY at 10am ET Members of Congress & Families Call on Senate to Ensure Safety in Transportation Bill – 7/20/2021

Kids and Car Safety Applauds Passage of the INVEST in America Act – 7/1/2021

Media Advisory: Schakowsky, Colleagues, Advocates Highlight INVEST In America Act – 6/29/21

#HotCarsKill – Kids and Car Safety partnering with PETA to save lives – 6/8/21

MEDIA ADVISORY: Childproof Your Ride press conference tomorrow – 5/18/21

The Hot Cars Act Reintroduced Today – 5/12/2021

MEDIA ADVISORY: The Hot Cars Act Press Conference – 5/11/2021

First Hot Car Death of 2021 – 4/29/2021


FCC grants waiver for technology to prevent hot car deaths – 3/15/2021


Alarming number of cars stolen with children inside – 3/9/2021


Pandemic’s Impact on Hot Car Deaths an Ongoing Concern – 8/19/2020

Technology Solutions to End Hot Car Deaths – 7/28/2020

Pandemic Increases Risk of Children Dying in Hot Cars – 7/22/2020

Statement of Janette Fennell, President of on the Passage of the Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2) – 7/2/2020

Technology to Stop Hot Car Tragedies Readily Available – 7/1/20

Press Teleconference: The Motor Vehicle Safety Title to the Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2) announced on June 22, 2020 by the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce

Wash your hands, wash your handles – 3/31/2020

The Risks of COVID-19 In & Around Your Vehicle – 3/12/2020


Worst October in History for Child Hot Car Tragedies – 10/16/2019

8 Hot Car Tragedies in the last 15 Days… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! – 10/2/2019

Letter sent to Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) from regarding unenforceable voluntary agreement – 9/5/2019

Auto Association’s voluntary agreement falls short, children’s lives on the line – 9/4/2019

Representative Pallone to Call for Lifesaving Automotive Updates to Prevent Children from Dying from Heatstroke – 8/28/2019

10 Child Hot Car Deaths in 20 Days – 8/19/2019

Grieving Families Challenge GM to Fulfill Its Promise to Prevent Hot Car Deaths – 8/13/2019 Pushes for Technology to Stop Hot Car Tragedies on National Heatstroke Prevention Day – 7/31/2019

Statement from Janette Fennell, president and founder of, regarding the Bronx, New York Hot Car Tragedy – 7/29/2019

Already 17 Children Have Died in Hot Cars in 2019 – 7/2/2019

Hot Cars Act of 2019 Introduced in U.S. House – 7/1/2019

Infant dies in van during a DC press event on hot car deaths – 5/23/2019 Congressional Testimony (view video here) – 5/23/02019

Hot Cars News Conference (5/22) (view video here) – 5/21/2019

Stronger Summertime Safeguards Are Needed – 5/20/2019

New Law Protects Citizens from Liability in Hot Car Rescues – 5/17/2019

Tomorrow is National Heatstroke Prevention Day – 4/15/2019

Appalling Reality – Hot Car Deaths at an All-Time High (Statement by Janette Fennell, president & founder of – 4/10/2019

‘Childproof Your Ride’ Program Launched Today – 3/20/2019

2 Children Die, 1 Survives After Left Alone in SUV that Rolled into Creek – 3/11/2019

2018 Officially the Worst Year in U.S. History for Child Hot Car Deaths – 1/29/2019


Holiday Gift Ideas That Save Kids Lives – 12/5/2018

Deaths of Louisville Father, Toddler Show Danger of Carbon Monoxide – 11/30/2018

PETA joins to Urge Congress to Pass the HOT CARS Act to Save Children and Pets from Perishing in Hot Cars – 8/29/2018

Tomorrow is National Heatstroke Prevention Day – 7/30/2018

Hot Car Deaths on Track for Deadliest Year in U.S. History – 7/23/2018 Announces CellSlip, a NEW Safety Tool for Parents to Prevent Hot Car Tragedies and Reduce Distracted Driving – 7/11/2018

21 U.S. Children Have Died in Hot Cars in 2018 – 7/3/2018

First Day of Summer, Already 16 Child Hot Car Deaths in U.S. – 6/21/2018

Child Hot Car Deaths and the Russian Adoption Ban – New Documentary Explains this Unlikely Connection – 5/31/18

Joint Statement of Janette Fennell, President and Founder of, and Cathy Chase, President of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety On New Study Showing the Dangers of Hot Cars – 5/23/18

Rearview cameras FINALLY become standard on ALL new vehicles – 4/30/2018 Urges Governor Coyler to Sign Hot Cars Bill – 4/2/18

First Child Dies in Hot Car – 3/1/18

2017 announces alliance with Animal Care Organizations to save lives – 10/26/17

Safety Advocates Applaud Bipartisan Support for Technology to Prevent Hot Car Deaths – 10/4/17

New Study Released on Nontraffic Injuries and Fatalities in Young Children – 9/27/2017

JUST IN… Victory for Parents and Children! – 9/6/2017 and The Center for Auto Safety Sue Department of Transportation to Issue Overdue Rule on Rear Safety Belt Reminders – 8/15/2017

Families Harmed by Deregulation Blast the Regulatory Accountability Act – 8/20/2017

HOT CARS Act of 2017 Introduced Today in the U.S. Senate to Prevent Child Heatstroke Deaths in Cars – 7/31/2017

Media Advisory: HOT CARS Act of 2017 – S.1666 MEDIA CONFERENCE CALL -7/31/2017

Parents and safety advocates urge action by U.S. DOT to prevent hot car tragedies – 7/28/2017 praises news station KSHB for locating abducted toddler abandoned in stolen car – July 14, 2017

HOT CARS Act of 2017 Introduced Today Will Prevent Child Heatstroke Deaths by Getting Much-Needed Technology into Vehicles – June 7, 2017

Media Advisory: HOT CARS Act of 2017 – June 5, 2017

National Child Vehicular Heatstroke Awareness and Prevention Day is April 26 – April 24, 2017


48% Increase of Child Heatstroke Deaths in Cars – October 7,  2016

44% Increase of Child Heatstroke Deaths in Cars – October 6, 2016

HOT CARS Act of 2016 Introduced Today Will Prevent Child Heatstroke Deaths by Getting Much-Needed Technology into Vehicles – September 15, 2016

Media Advisory: New Legislation Introduced Today to Get Technology into Vehicles to Prevent Child Heatstroke Deaths. 29 children killed already this year in hot cars. – September 15, 2016

National Child Vehicular Heatstroke Prevention & Awareness Day on July 31 brings urgent call for technology solution – July 28, 2016 applauds GM’s new technology as an important step in avoiding child heatstroke deaths – June 11, 2016

BREAKING NEWS Another baby died today on Heat Stroke Awareness Day; 11th tragedy this year – June 8, 2016

Infant Dies 2 Days Before National Child Vehicular Heatstroke Prevention Day – June 8, 2016

National Child Vehicular Heatstroke Prevention Day tomorrow, June 8 – June 7, 2016

SAVE-THE-DATE: National Heatstroke Prevention & Awareness Day, June 8 – May 27, 2016


Keyless ignition-unintended consequences can be deadly – December 22, 2015

Worst Anti-Safety Highway Reauthorization Bill Slammed. Members of Congress, Safety and Consumer Advocates, and Crash Victims to Unveil Specific Changes to Fix It – November 9, 2015

How many more children must die before NHTSA does it’s job? – July 31, 2015 applauds Carrie Underwood for speaking out about her terrifying experience this weekend – July 13, 2015, American Gaming Association and Congressional Fire Services Institute to promote National Heat Awareness Day – May 22, 2015


Give the gift of safety, recommends; Child safety group teams with Operation Safe Road™to offer rearview cameras at discounted prices – December 16, 2014 welcomes Alex Jacky, 8, as first Junior Advocate – September 29, 2014

Statement of Janette Fennell, President of – September 2, 2014 Announces Partnership with American Gaming Association During Responsible Gaming Education Week – August 5, 2014

PCI Hosts Policy Briefing with NHTSA, IIHS, KidsandCars.Org, ITSA, and Progressive on Innovation and Auto Safety – July 30, 2014

Take Precautions to Protect Children from Extreme Heat –  July 22, 2014

Centerpoint Medical Center Partners with to Remind Parents to ‘Look Before You Lock’ – June 25, 2014 Launches White House Petition Drive to Prevent Needless Child Deaths in Hot Vehicles – July 14, 2014, Ray Ray’s Pledge to promote National Heat Awareness Day May 23 – May 23, 2014

Government Finally Issues Rear Visibility Safety Rule for Vehicles, Will Save Lives After Years of Needless Delay – March 31, 2014

Media Advisory: Court To Hear Argument on Obama Administration’s Failure to Issue Auto Safety Rule Mandated by Congress as Fatalities Continue to Mount – March 28, 2014

2013 to mark Heat Stroke Prevention Day on July 31 – July 29, 2013

May 2013 nearly doubles average number of child heatstroke deaths in vehicles, 7 children die in hot cars in 4 states in 16-day period – June 3, 2013

Families of Children Killed in Car Backover Incidents and Safety Groups Urge Obama Administration to Take Action on Rearview Cameras in Cars – April 11, 2013


3 More Children Die in Hot Cars, reports – 11 Children Have Died in August – A Total of 26 This Year – August 28, 2012 founder speaks at NHTSA press conference Aug. 22 at Children’s Mercy Hospital – August 22, 2012

8 Children in 4 States Die in Hot Cars in 6 Day Period, reports – August 8, 2012

7 Children in 4 States Die in Hot Cars in 5 Day Period, reports – August 7, 2012 says rulemaking delay on child backover deaths disappointing – February 29, 2012


Memory and Brain Expert Addresses Federal Government on “Forgotten Baby Syndrome” to help prevent hot car tragedies – Sept 23, 2011

Mom tells about son’s death in hot car to help prevent similar tragedies – Raleigh, NC – Sept. 21, 2011

Parents recount heartbreaking incidents to help prevent hot car tragedies – Sacramento, CA – Aug. 31, 2011

Federal government steps up efforts to prevent child deaths in hot cars – Press event dedicated to Georgia child Jurnee Ingram one-year after of her tragic death – Atlanta, GA – August 15, 2011

Texas Mom speaks out for the first time about son’s death in a hot car; Expanded awareness campaigns needed to prevent child deaths in hot cars -Fort Worth, TX – Aug 11, 2011 president to speak at July 26 event – July 25, 2011 launches national safety awareness program for hospitals to educate new parents about heat stroke danger – July 13, 2011 again demands that GM recall cars to retrofit with internal trunk releases – June 20, 2011 warns against leaving children in hot vehicles this summer – June 8th, 2011


No More Backing Blind – December 3, 2010

Four month-old is 11th baby to die in Texas this year and 11th Heat-related Vehicular Death in August Nationwide – August 26, 2010


New Data Contests NHTSA Findings, Exposes Real Danger of Vehicle Power Windows – Nov. 2, 2009

New report undercounts statistics regarding children left behind in hot cars – September 6, 2009

CHILD AND ANIMAL PROTECTION GROUPS ISSUE WARNING AFTER TOTS ARE LEFT IN CAR – August 28, 2009 calls for General Motor vehicles to be recalled and retrofitted with internal trunk releases – June 18, 2009 Research Validated by Federal Government Report – January 28, 2009


Consumer, Safety Advocates Join With Victims To Celebrate New Law Protecting Children In And Around Motor Vehicles – April 9, 2008

Sununu Honored For Work In Helping To Enact Child Car Safety Bill – April 9, 2008

Safe Guards Protecting Children in and Around Vehicles Becomes Law – February 29, 2008

Clinton Hails Final Passage Of Kids And Cars Safety Legislation; Meets With Affected Ohio Family – February 15, 2008

KIDS AND CARS * Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety * Consumers Union * Public Citizen * Center for Auto Safety * Trauma Foundation * Consumer Federation of America *National Consumers League – February 14, 2008


Parents, Consumer and Safety Groups Applaud House Committee Action Today for Passing the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Act – February 14, 2008


Child Safety Bill Sponsored by Representatives Schakowsky (D-IL) and King (R-NY) Clears House Committee Hurdle – December 18, 2007

California trauma teams unite to reduce child injuries and deaths due to vehicle backovers – May 21, 2007

Child Safety Advocates and Consumer Groups Applaud Senate Committee Action Today to Stop Deaths and Injuries of Children Due to Motor Vehicle Design Flaws – May 16, 2007

Sen. Stevens Co-Sponsors Legislation to Improve Child Safety Features in Automobiles – March 1, 2007

Child Safety Advocates and Victims Join Senators Clinton and Sununu and Representatives Schakowsky and King to Demand Passage of Tougher Laws to Stop Deaths and Injuries of Children Due to Motor Vehicle Design Flaws – February 27, 2007


Safety Groups Saddened By News of Detroit Child Strangled In Power Window – December 22, 2006

Leader of KIDS AND CARS recognized by Safe Kids Kansas – December 13, 2006


Government Vehicle Backover Report Confirms Urgent Need for Visibility Safety Standard – November 14, 2006

Motor Vehicle Dangers That Are An Easy Fix Continue to Kill and Injure Children – September 6, 2006

Safety Groups Encouraged By Auto Industry-Government agreement to help end danger of runaway vehicles – August 21, 2006

Safety Advocates Line Up Backing for Technology Law – July 1, 2006

Safety Groups Win Decision to Make Power Windows Less Dangerous for Children, But Government Says “No” to Fail Safe Technology to Eliminate Problem – April 13, 2006

Child Safety Advocates Join Victims On Capitol Hill To Push For Passage of Tougher Laws To Keep Children Safe In And Around Cars – March 9, 2006


Senator Clinton, Child Safety Advocates Join To Help Families Protect Children In And Around Vehicles During the Holidays – December 30, 2005

Senator Clinton Announces Legislation To Protect Children In And Around Vehicles – Oct. 31, 2005

Consumer, Safety Groups Applaud Important Child-Car Safety Measures Approved in Today’s Highway Bill – July 29, 2005

Lawmakers Must Keep Life-Saving Auto Safety Improvements in Highway Bill, Public Safety Groups, Survivor Advocates Say – July 21, 2005

Three Children Killed Each Week in Preventable Auto-Related Deaths Focus of Coalition’s Campaign – May 24, 2005

Safety Groups Lament Gaps In Projected Auto Fatalities – April 21, 2005


Advocates Demands GM Pull Ad Of Children Driving Corvettes – August 25, 2004


HitchCAM & Kids And Cars Promote SUV/Child Safety Synergy at SEMA 2003 – October 31, 2003

Power Windows in American-made Automobiles Blamed for Children’s Deaths and Injuries – August 14, 2003

2001 Warns Parents Not to Leave Children Unattended in or around
Motor Vehicles – May 31, 2001