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  • Ayala, Yencey
Power Windows

Yencey Ayala

March 24, 2001 – June 6, 2004

06/08/2004   Associated Press
A 3-year-old Farmers Branch girl was accidentally asphyxiated when her neck became caught in the power-operated window of a pickup truck, the Dallas County medical examiner’s office has ruled.
Police said Yencey Ayala was reaching out the window and accidentally hit the button with her knee or foot when her head became caught Sunday evening. Ayala’s mother was sitting next to her in the driver’s seat, talking to her husband who was standing outside the truck, when the accident happened.
Dallas police spokesman Lt. Anthony Williams said it was not known how long Ayala was stuck in the window before her mother noticed.
Ayala was taken to Medical City Dallas Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.
Williams said no charges would be filed against either parent.
Yencey is the sixth U.S. child to die in a power window since March 30, according to the Kansas-based group Kids And Cars.
On average, about four children die annually from power windows, said Janette Fennell, the group’s founder and president.
“What happens is their little knee hits the rocker switch and before they know, the window’s up and it’s over,” she said. “This is 100 percent predictable and 100 percent preventable. Our children should never ever die in a power window strangulation.”
Yencey Gicell Ayala

As God looked over his garden,
He noticed a bare spot.
He then looked at the Earth
And saw the tiredness of your face.
He placed his arms around you
And took you so you could rest.
God’s garden must be really beautiful,
For He always takes the best.
He knew you were suffering and in pain
He closed your tired eyelids and whispered …
He delicately took you in his arms
And took you to Heaven.
Losing you broke our hearts,
But you are not leaving alone,
Part of our hearts went with you,
The day God called you home.

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