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  • Falkner, Steven
Power Windows

Steven Falkner

June 15, 1994 – January 7, 1998

Steven was born June 15th 1994 and died January 7th 1998. He was 3 1/2 years old. Steven died after getting caught in the family’s car power window.

January 7, 1998 was seemingly a normal Wednesday at church for the Falkner family. It was a cold morning, so mother, Bethany Falkner, turned on the car to warm the chilly interior for the children. Three-year-old Steven somehow climbed into the car and lowered the power window to wave at some friends. His little knee inadvertently pressed down the power window switch, activating the window. The powerful force closed on his tiny throat, and

Steven died as a result of the injuries.

Steven was a very loving child that was very full of life. He was friendly with everyone. He spent three of his three and half years in Ottumwa, Iowa. He was raised in church the whole three years that he was here.
It is amazing how such a small child can affect so many lives. He loved and he was loved by all who knew him. We pray that through Steven’s death many lives will be changed. We hope that many will come to know the Jesus that Steven knew, and now lives with in heaven.

We ask all who knew him to send us your thoughts and memories, that we may add them to his page for all to share.

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