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Patrick Ivison

September 14, 1995

Hi, My name is Jennifer Kayler and on September 14, 1995 my 14 month old son, Patrick, and I were walking behind a car when the uninsured driver of the car backed up suddenly. He was arguing with his girlfriend at the time. My son was pinned beneath the car and when I was finally able to free him he had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. A gentleman named Bob Misko who witnessed the accident ran over and immediately began CPR and mouth to mouth resusitation. He had an infant CPR refresher course the week before. After several rounds my son started crying very weakly. Patrick was LifeFlighted to Childrens Hospital San Diego where he spent three weeks in the ICU and another several weeks in their Rehabilitation Unit.

I thank God daily that my son survived the accident. Patrick suffered a C4-C5 incomplete spinal cord injury that day. He has an amazing life filled with wheelchair sports like Rugby, Basketball and Soccer. He knows how to ski, surf, kayak, play tennis, and the list goes on. However, his life is filled with the challenge of not be able to dress himself, go to the bathroom independently, and so on. He is extremely smart and I have no doubt in my mind that his life is and will be successful and full.

I am so glad that you have started this program. I realize how lucky we were that day because I read in the newspaper how often children do not survive back-over accidents.

Recently Patrick began a program called Project Walk in Carlsbad, CA ( that is a spinal cord injury recovery facility. It is an intensive exercise based recovery program. You can view a video of Patrick working out by going to their website and clicking on Client Video Locator and he is in Phase III. We have also started a fundraising campaign to cover the expense of this program at So far we’ve raised $37, 000 by having mega-yard sales.

Thank you!
Jennifer Kayler (Patrick Ivison’s Mom)

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