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Ora RoseMary

September 14, 2010 - August 3, 2013

On the morning of Saturday August 3, 2013

On September 14, 2010 a beautiful child was born to her mommy Adriana Saunsoci and her daddy Joshua Springer.

Her name was Ora RoseMary, her UmonHon name was Tade Xube, “Sacred Wind”.

She lived a wonderful life with her family; her mommy, daddy and 6 sisters and 4 brothers. She also had lots of nieces and nephews. She was the youngest child of all.

As parents we prayed for her and she was a great blessing.

Ora was a true gift of God. She shared many smiles, laughs, kisses and she loved her family and so many more.

She wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone. She would greet everyone with a smile and friendly hello. She had a special relationship with animals, especially her heehaws (horses).

Our little girl was a praying child. She knew how to talk to God and his Angels.

On the morning of Saturday August 3, 2013 around 10:00 am we were home still lying in bed.

My baby wanted to eat so we got out of bed to get ready when we heard someone at the top of the stairs calling my name. It was my sister-in-law. I sat for about 20 minutes visiting with her when my companion came upstairs. My sister in-law said her car was still running, so I went outside to turn the car off and noticed it was parked away from the curb. Instead of just turning the car off I decided to move it closer to the curb. Oh how I wished I wouldn’t have done so!

Last I looked into my little girls eyes she was smiling so big at me in front of our garage with my granddaughter and in her wagon. I did not know that my Princess followed behind me pulling her wagon with her little niece sitting inside it. I turned the radio down as I sat in the driver’s seat and backed up when I heard my baby scream. I pulled forward put it in park to get out and find my baby lying on the ground unconscious with the wagon tipped over and my granddaughter getting up off the ground. I screamed for help but no one was outside. I picked her up and ran into my house where my husband started CPR. I don’t remember driving to the ambulance, but while I did my husband continued to perform CPR on our baby.

Her daddy and the medics did all they could to save her, but they were unsuccessful.

My child died on August 3rd

I plead for all drivers to make sure your vehicle has a back-up camera. You cannot avoid hitting something or someone that you cannot see!

ALL vehicles have a blindzone behind them and ALL vehicles can be retrofitted with a backup camera! It’s a small price to pay for the precious life of a child.

I cannot do anything to bring my baby back, but my hope is that by sharing my baby’s story others will learn and families will be spared the unbearable pain that I live with every single day of my life.

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