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Noah Joseph Tkachyk

August 3, 1999 - September 21, 2001

It was Friday, September 21, 2001. It started off just like every other school day. We got our wake up call at 7 am sharp, by Noah yelling, “”MAAAA, DAAAA”” from his crib. We would tell him that we would be right there and he would wait patiently for us.

Stephen got up with the three older kids that day while I stayed in bed waiting for the twins, Dylan and Liam to start their day. Noah was given a bottle of milk and was put in our bed with me and we had our morning hugs and cuddles. Another typical morning routine. When his bottle was empty, Noah went to start his day.

Stephen was making eggs and toast for the kids, Brody and Noah’s favorite. After breakfast, Stephen picked out clothes that he felt looked best on Noah and dressed him. Noah was putting on his rubber boots, which he liked to wear in the house. Stephen noticed that and went to make sure they were on the right feet. Mikhayla and Brody were heading out the door to meet the school bus, with Noah
close on their heels. Noah LOVED being outside more than anything and he also loved to see the “”skoo us”” (school bus). Noah didn’t have a jacket on and it was cool that morning.

It is hard to explain where the kids get picked up by the bus. From our front door, they have to walk down our driveway, turn and walk down the main driveway and turn again and walk down a gravel road to the corner. All along these roads are trees (shelterbelt).

In the summer it is very hard to see the kids walking down the main driveway and you cannot see the kids at all when they are on the gravel road. It was also rainbow day at school for Brody. He had to bring something colorful to eat or drink to share with his class. I made him a fruit pizza and he was soooo excited about it. Stephen opened the door and called Noah’s name but of course he didn’t come back, after all, he was outside and going to see the “”skoo us””. Stephen decided that he was going to take the suburban to the corner and wait for the bus with all three kids. This way Noah would be in the warm truck and Brody wouldn’t drop his pizza. Stephen saw the three kids starting to walk on the gravel road so he started his truck. He was backing out onto the main driveway when he felt a bump.

Stephen thought he backed over a toy or a chicken. He got out and walked around the truck and that is when he realized that it was Noah. (We believe that when Noah heard the truck start, he ran back to be in the vehicle with Stephen. Noah loved car rides just as much as being outside.) Stephen started screaming and yelling but I didn’t hear him.

He carried Noah into the house and said, “”I ran over him, I ran over him””. I seen Noah’s arm move and said, “”yeah , right””. Then Stephen started to get emotional and I realized he was serious. I told Stephen to put Noah on the kitchen table and I called 911. Stephen was really shaken up by this time and the operator wanted me to check some things on Noah. I couldn’t get Stephen to do it so I ran and got the cordless phone and then I started to panic because Noah was soooo white. He was staring at me with his big, brown eyes wanting me to help him, and I couldn’t.

The operator was telling me to calm down and I wanted to slap her. How does she know how it feels to see your child like this? And the questions! Holy smoke. I know we live in the rural area, but to give specific directions from the hospital to our house? And they want us to think during a crisis like this? Stephen ended up grabbing the phone from me and gave directions I didn’t even think of. Simple directions. How stupid could I be? Why didn’t I think of that? We told the operator that we were going to meet the ambulance on the road instead of waiting for it at home. So, we took off.

Stephen grabbed Noah, I grabbed the twins and we were in the truck heading down the road. Noah was laying on the back seat, I was sitting on the floor, holding one twin on the seat, telling Noah “”everything is going to be okay, we are going to see the doctor, he is going to make you feel better. You have to stay with me Noah, don’t close your eyes, and stay here with mommy””. Stephen was driving with the other twin on his lap, continually asking me how Noah was and if he was still conscience. We met the first ambulance, a volunteer. I went with them; Stephen brought the twins to his mom’s.

We met the other ambulance minutes later, transferred Noah, but they wouldn’t let me go with him. Thankfully the volunteer is Stephen’s cousin, Ted, and he drove me to the hospital. When I got there, I was mad at Stephen. How could he do this? Why didn’t he look? All those questions. But seeing Stephen and how traumatized he was and how guilty he felt, those feelings left my mind immediately.

Stephen and I were allowed to see Noah and under my breath, I was telling him “come back, come back to me, mommy needs you”. Stephen repeatedly pleaded to Noah, “”Come back to daddy””. And when Stephen thought that Noah wasn’t going to come back, he said, “”If you can’t come back to daddy, go to the light, go to Papa””. I was really upset that he said that. I didn’t want Noah to go to the light; I wanted him here with us. I wasn’t ready to let him go. I told Noah not to listen to daddy, listen to mommy and come back to us.

There were 4 doctors, 4 nurses and 2 EMTs working on Noah. When we would go in to see him, ALL of them had tears streaming down their cheeks. Our priest came and when he walked into the room, it was calm and peaceful. I think I knew then that it was over. I had called my mom to pick up Mikhayla and Brody at school to bring them here ASAP. Briefly told her what happened and then I had to call the school and told them there was an accident and mom was coming to get the kids so make sure they are ready to go. I remember one doctor who came in to talk to us say that Noah would have brain damage if he survived. I fell into a chair with our priest at my side and didn’t know what to say.

Stephen, Father, and I went back in to see Noah. Father did “”his thing”” and I told the attending doctor, “Keep him alive until Mikhayla and Brody get here. Please keep him alive until they get here”. He looked at me, tears in his eyes and he asked us to leave so he could try something else. Noah was getting blood transfusions like crazy and it wasn’t working.

It seemed like minutes later, that same doctor came in and said it didn’t work, he didn’t make it. I was angry. They were supposed to keep Noah alive until Mikhayla and Brody got there. The doctor said he was so sorry but he had no pulse or heart beat since he arrived at the hospital and nothing was working. I couldn’t even donate Noah’s organs, something I believe in so much. I think that made it harder for me to deal with.

Minutes after the doctors pronounced Noah dead, Mikhayla and Brody came in. I brought them to a separate room, with our priest and told them there was an accident. Brody said, “”I know, daddy ran over Noah.”” I was completely dumbfounded, as was the priest. Mikhayla asked, “”Did he die?”” I said, “”Yes, he did. The doctors tried everything they could but they couldn’t save him.”” And I brought them into the room to see their baby brother. I still cannot believe that my kids saw what happened that day, and still went on the bus to go to school. Thank God there is a sweet, wonderful 16-year-old who goes on the bus. She sat with them and talked to them the whole ride to school. I will never forget her for doing that for the kids and me.

Noah’s accident happened around 7:40 am, arrived at the hospital at 8:10, pronounced at 9:35. I am very surprised that the doctors worked on Noah for so long, especially since Noah didn’t have any vital signs on arrival. They did everything they could but Noah was needed in heaven to be with his Papa. Knowing that Noah is with his Papa makes the pain a little less. I know Noah is not alone and was needed by his papa, who was in heaven for only 2 months before Noah had to go.

This was Noah’s last day here on earth and his beginning in heaven. Our sweet little boy who had to leave us so short. He is always on our minds and forever in our hearts. If only things went different that day. If only God’s plans were different.

Working with your angel is easy. Just ask them what you need help with. Believe that they are going to do it. Allow them to do what angels do and then say thank you for the results. Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold

~ The Angel Speak Storybook ~

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