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Marlee Anne Kalmin

January 12, 1993 - December 23, 1995

December 23, 1995 was a day that changed my life and my family’s lives forever.

I was busy rearranging cars in preparation for a family trip to downtown Chicago to see the holiday decorations. As I backed out of the driveway, I felt a bump. I thought Marlee was inside of our home. Why she came out, God only knows. I backed over my baby girl because I could not see her behind my vehicle.

My whole world stopped in that instant. If rearview cameras came as a standard feature my daughter would be alive today. I would have seen her behind my vehicle. Rearview cameras should be a must so that no other family has to experience the pain and loss that our family did.

Marlee is greatly loved and missed every single day.

– Marlee’s Dad

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