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Other Dangers

Kairi Andyke

November 11, 2018

November 11, 2018 our family was on a road trip. We were going about 60 – 70 mph heading towards La Grande, OR near Dead Man’s pass and we were almost to our destination. My husband and I were chatting and both of our daughters were watching a movie in the back seat.

For some reason our oldest, 8-year-old, decided to wrap both her seat belt and the middle seat belt around herself and they both locked up and they were strangling her!! Our youngest (4 years old) was busy watching the show and didn’t notice or say anything, our oldest couldn’t talk and told me later that she was trying to yell but couldn’t.

Thank God my husband heard her trying to talk or do something and decided to turn around and noticed that she was red in the face and her lips were blue!! He was able to put two fingers in between her throat and the seat belts.

The roads are curvy because it is a mountain pass. I was able to find a safe place to pull over on the mountain top. I made sure that no one was flying up behind us, put on the emergency lights, and my husband said that he had a knife in his backpack thank goodness!!

I hopped out of the car and got in the trunk, grabbed his backpack, making sure the dogs didn’t hop out. I then got in my youngest daughter’s side of the car and tried to unwrap the seat belt from around her neck. Brandon got one seat belt undone which was the one that she was wearing, but the middle seat belt was too tight and not enough room to get her out of so I grabbed the knife and cut it.

She has a bruise around her neck and her neck hurts a little, but she is okay!

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