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Jules Carter

May 6, 2017

May 6, 2017 was a very special day. Not only did our youngest Daughter Jules Remy turn 2 the day before, but we also had the privilege of taking part in their brother and sister in law’s wedding. After the ceremony, we were loading up wedding decor in our truck. My husband placed the younger children in the truck as and out oldest daughter grabbed another box to place in the vehicle. We started the truck so the air conditioner could be turned on. The next moments happened so fast.

Jules was leaning against the back door as the oldest daughter pulled it open to place her Box inside. Jules fell backwards out of the truck. I startled and screamed, startling my husband. The front door was open where he was sitting and he jumped out after realizing what was going on, trying to grab our youngest daughter. As he jumped he knocked the gear shift in reverse and the truck started rolling backwards. The front wheel backed over the center of Jules before anyone knew what was going on.

I grabbed our daughter and jumped in the truck and my husband rushed away calling emergency services. The ambulance met them at the end of the drive and rushed Jules to the hospital. After hours upon hours of testing the hospital staff was pleased to convey that Jules only suffered a broken pelvic bone, bruises and abrasions.

Jules would have to face a week or two of pain with trying to walk and get comfortable lying down, but otherwise she was going to be fine. At her 4 week check up with the orthopedic specialist, the Doctor was very pleased with the quickness of her recovery and healing fractures and stated that the injuries that she received would not affect her as she grew into an adult.

We have had a hard time healing emotionally from the traumatic incident but I am trying to be proactive in spreading awareness of backover incidents. These types of accidents can happen to anyone, and my hope is that our story can prevent even one other family from having to experience such an occurrence.

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