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Jacob Morgan Sanchez

July 9, 2002

July 9, 2002, I lost my son Jacob Morgan Sanchez in a driveway accident.

My day started out around 11am. I was a Webelo scout leader and was getting prepared for a party on the following day. My son, Jacob and I left the house to go run some errands.

We were pulling out of the bank and were hit by an oncoming car. I injured my neck and shoulder in the accident so when my husband came and picked us up I had him take me home so that I could schedule an appointment to go see the Chiropractor. My appointment was scheduled for 3:00. I never made that appointment!!

My sons were downstairs playing & my husband was upstairs, when I tried to sneak out so that Jacob would not see me leave. I got in the drivers seat of our vehicle (Ford Expedition) and was getting ready to back out when my 6 year old son cracked open the front door to ask where I was going. I told him to shut the door so that his little brother didn’t get out. This conversation lasted less than 30 seconds and he shut the door.

I then proceeded to back out and felt that I had hit something. I was thinking a garbage can or maybe the kids left a toy in the street or something, anything but a child. I had no idea!

I got out and to my horror it was my baby. He was taken to the hospital and within 20 minutes the doctor came out to tell us that our little mister was gone.

I have read over’s website and read the stories and my heart just aches. These accidents could have been prevented and it upsets me. It sickens me to think that my baby was walking out that door and I couldn’t see him because my vehicle was too big.

I want to fight to have back up systems put on these bigger vehicles so that these accidents don’t happen to others. I only wish someone had fought this before now so that maybe my accident might have been prevented.

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