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Georgina Josephine Cockburn

January 12, 2010 - April 16, 2011

Georgina Josephine Cockburn was born on the 12th January 2010, our fourth beautiful daughter. She was a very alert baby, and grew into a very cheeky, determined little toddler. Georgy loved playing with her sisters, loved reading stories, listening to music and ‘dancing’, and singing songs like ‘5 Little Ducks’ and ‘Twinkle Little Star’.

At 15 months old our Georgy girl, or Georgy pie, as she was sometimes called, loved investigating what was in cupboards, trying on her sisters shoes, was beginning to say a few words, and just getting on her feet to walk, although her preferred method was still crawling. Georgy loved playing in the sandpit, or the new dirt pile out the back which was about to become one of mummy’s garden beds. She loved seeing her big sister when she came home from school, and her daddy when he came home from work.

Our ‘accident’ happened on a Saturday afternoon- I was working in the kids fenced-off play area out the back. I had been through the house only a few minutes before hand, and they were all safe inside the house (or so I thought). Around 5:30pm, their dad got home from a long day at work, pressed the remote control button for the automatic roller door, and proceeded to reverse his ute and tool-trailer into our garage.

Somehow, the internal access door between the house and garage came to be open- Georgy had crawled through, and was heading over to see him. Unfortunately, there was no way he could see her. We lost her on the spot.

Since then our research on the topic of low-speed runover accidents and how they could be prevented has led us to the formation of the Georgina Josephine Foundation ( – dedicated to promoting awareness of low-speed runover accidents and how they can be prevented.

We know we are doing what Georgy would want us to do- helping to prevent this from happening to other families. Every time we have an event on, she sends a sign- whether it be a shooting star, a pink balloon floating over the Brisbane highway out of the blue, a rainbow while we’re in a plane, or the sight of three different ‘Duck’ signs in one weekend (Duck Lane, Duck River, Duck Street!). We want the awareness campaign to be ongoing – if people are aware- they take more care.

Twinkle, Twinkle little star,
Yes we wonder how you are.
Shining with your little light,
In the starry sky at night.
Or watching over us through the day,
While we are at work and play.
We miss you still, sometimes we’ve cried,
But we know you’re always by our side.
When we think of you and are happy,
Playing and laughing with our family.

We miss you Georgy.
Think of you often
Never forgotten.

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