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  • Doe, Emily
Power Windows

Emily Doe

Emily’s Story

On May 7th 2011, I was on my way to Maine to see my husband with my friend and 2 daughters when my girlfriend rolled the back windows up in the 2005 Ford Mustang she was driving. My daughters fingers had been in the window when it went up.

My oldest daughter started screaming and panicking. When I turned to look at my youngest daughter, Emily, who was 5-years-old, I noticed her fingers were severely damaged. We proceeded to urgent care.

On May 9th, she was seen in the Emergency Room, where they scheduled her to see a hand surgeon and she was then scheduled for reconstructive surgery on her fingers. She sustained crushed growth plates. They found her nail beds inside her growth plates.

On May 12th she under went surgery where they reconstructed her growth plates and nail beds. Then they reattached her nails to her fingers and placed metal pins in her fingers to keep them in place. They casted her whole hand and arm up to her shoulder with only a thumb remaining.

Today we are waiting to see what the outcome will be…

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