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David Sandoval

February 18, 1997 - May 28, 2004

Death is something that we do not think about often; we listen to it every day as it occurs to others around us, but when it happened to me I could only ask myself one question; “How?” I often thought that I would never have to bury my own child, but I was wrong. I wished that I could have seen David grow and turn into a gentleman. I have learned that life can change in an instant.

The death of my son changed my life forever.

It was a warm May afternoon, the flowers were in full bloom and the breeze was very refreshing. Part of my daily routine was to pick up the kids from school. When we arrived, David went out to play just like any other kid his age. He had a tremendous love for nature and often spent his time looking for all kinds of bugs. His favorite bugs however, were the lady bugs. David often dreamed of becoming a cosmonaut just to travel back to the moon.

His energy was so contagious and positive that he often made my hard days turn into a festivity of life. I can recall a single, very special, moment were David told me that he loved me, and that I was the best mom in the world.

It was late afternoon; David went inside the house to give me some lady bugs that he had just collected. David’s last words to me were; “Mom, here are some lady bugs. Would you please care for them?” I simply told him, “Yes, of course.” It all happened so fast. I was inside my bedroom putting on a fresh change of clothes when suddenly someone knocked at the door desperately.

Witnesses said that David was playing with his little toy car on the neighbor’s driveway, behind a big Chevy van. The neighbor, jumped in the van, putted in reverse, and took my little angel’s life away. David’s life was gone in an instant. I had David for seven years; the best seven years that a mother could have ever had. My life is now focusing on my other two children who I love and cherish.

I understand that technology could have prevented the loss of my angel. However, the human factor will always be present. The addition of back-up cameras and a revised education to all drivers could in fact prevent the deaths of many children around the country.

To all parents, care for your children and educate them on the dangers that surround them.

To my David, I love you now and always. Keep collecting lady bugs and save them for when we see each other again.

– David’s Mom

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