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Brooklyn Johnson

Brooklyn was only two years old as she darted out the front door to join her mother on a trip to the store. Unaware that Brooklyn had left the house, her mother put their Dodge Journey, equipped with a backup camera, into reverse.  The backup camera alerted her mother to Brooklyn’s presence.  There stood this tiny child that without the backup camera would never have been seen.

For over 16 years, Kids and Car Safety worked tirelessly to ensure that all vehicles come equipped with a backup camera so that small children can be seen in the blindzone by the driver. It is stories like this that make all of the hard work worth it all. We are so incredibly happy that Brooklyn is safe.

A tragedy was avoided that day because of the backup camera in their vehicle.  Brooklyn was held tightly by her mother acknowledging what could have happened.  Her family reminds us that life is precious and fragile.

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