5 tips to prevent hot car deaths

June 18, 2020

By Kristen Boxman | Posted: Tue 8:26 AM, Jun 16, 2020 | Updated: Tue 8:43 AM, Jun 16, 2020 Amber Rollins with says hot car deaths are lower than average for 2020. That’s because parents are getting out less. When you get back to a normal routine, you should add a few steps to […]

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Safety organization says it’s seeing uptick in ‘back-over’ accidents involving kids

June 17, 2020

Updated: 9:23 AM CDT Jun 15, 2020 Donna Pitman  KMBC 9 News Anchor Play Video KANSAS CITY, Mo. —Even as communities begin to open up and people begin to venture out, a safety organization said it’s seeing a growing problem with children. As more families remain home, especially with school officially out for the summer, many […]

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FREE Hot Cars Online Training Course

June 3, 2020

In partnership with our friends at the Institute for Childhood Preparedness, is offering this free online training course for childcare providers and others on hot car deaths and injuries and how they can be prevented. The course offers best practice suggestions for childcare providers and actionable safety tips for everyone to help stop these […]

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How to keep kids safe in Arizona’s deadly heat

May 29, 2020

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Video: Phoenix Police Department Hot Cars Press Event

May 28, 2020

A press event was held on May 27, 2020 in Phoenix, AZ by the Phoenix Police Department. Dawn Peabody, Parent Advocate and Arizona Representative, spoke and told the story of how her family’s lives changed forever the day they lost their precious and confident daughter, Maya.

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Hot Cars and Child Safety

May 6, 2020

Mother’s Perspective, HER Life Magazine, By Rebecca Flansburg We’ve heard the heartbreaking stories of a sleep-deprived parent, a hot car, an infant and a mistake that will haunt them for the rest of their life. In 2019, 52 children lost their lives in this manner. The reality is that non-traffic child/car-related deaths are not limited […]

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Dogs in Cars, Getting There Safely

May 4, 2020

Like any family member, they need to be protected in case of a crash, but also should not distract the driver. Face licking is discouraged. This may look cute, but don’t let your pup do this. It’s not safe. Credit…Jaromir Chalabala/Getty Images By Norman Mayersohn. Dec. 17, 2019 Recent studies have confirmed what many of us […]

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The Government Must Decide If It Wants Pedestrians to Die or Not

April 30, 2020

A new report by the Government Accountability Office concludes that the government knows more pedestrians are dying on American roads, but simply chooses not to do anything about it. By Aaron Gordon Apr 27 2020, 12:19pm ShareTweetSnap IMAGE: JASON KOEBLER More than 36,000 people were killed in car crashes in the United States in 2018, but […]

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A Move to Ease the Path for Driverless Vehicles Draws Fire from Safety Groups

April 16, 2020

By Susan Carpenter on April 15, 2020 A Waymo self driving car performing tests on a street in Santa Clara, CA (iStock). U.S. transportation officials are seeking to ease deployment of driverless cars by amending certain safety standards, drawing strong protest from groups who say the move is premature because the safety of  self-driving technology is unproven. The […]

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Florida has water everywhere. Here’s what to do if your car is sinking with you inside

March 2, 2020

BY MICHELLE MARCHANTE . MARCH 02, 2020 07:13 AM WATCH VIDEO HERE If your car ends up in a canal, a lake or a pond, do you know how to escape? It’s a situation people might not think about when they get in the car, despite Florida’s miles and miles of waterways. Then the Fisher Island […]

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